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    How do you feel on scuds?

    I feel that shrimp and scuds fill the same role in my tank. Both are scavengers that breed prolifically and whose babies may be eaten by small fish. I choose shrimp instead of scuds for the same reason I choose guppies instead of mollies, or pygmaeus cories instead of habrosus cories: I pick the one that looks prettier to me. Some scuds did arrive as hitchikers a while ago, so I am currently keeping them in one small tank, in case I later want them for any reason.
  2. I have a tank with daphnia happily living and breeding in it. Can I reasonably assume that water is safe for shrimp, too? Yes, I know that pH, hardness, and temperature would affect what kind of shrimp I can get; and I know about ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, cycling, the dangers of shrimp-munching fish, and the value of a mature tank with biofilm--I have done a fair bit of research. But I'm worried about the things I wouldn't otherwise think to test for (like the copper in the tapwater at a previous house: it killed fish overnight, even though the water was "perfect" according to the tests the store had. Took a while to figure that one out.) So it it reasonable to think that "daphnia safe" also means "shrimp safe"? Thanks! --Nat