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  1. Yeah I noticed because I fed them Shrimps Forever Color and they didn't show interest. So protein once a week is a good idea, and I'll be sure to check out leafy greens to see if they take it. EDIT and catappa leaves, heard good stories about them.
  2. Thank you so much! I actually "slided" two parts of mopani wood together so they remain slanted. The other one on the left however is just placed against the wall of the tank. On the longer term I plan to remove the heater and keep the room temperature stable (not possible right now because of bad boiler system in the house). I do have a question btw: the wood has that white growth (algae I believe) on it, it's typical for mopani wood and disappears after time. The shrimps totally love it. Is it necessary to feed them at all as long as it's there? I have fed them frozen brine shrimp yesterday, but they seem to be more interested in the algae...
  3. So, after my introduction, here's my full setup of my 13 gallon tank. Brand: Dennerle, HOB filter Dennerle with blue sponge, siporax and ceramic tubes and lily pad for oxygenation. Also I use a 25 watt heater and Söchting oxydator. Plants are Staurogyne Repens, Anubias Nana, Anubias Petite, Anubias Bonsai, Anubias Barterii (I like Anubias) and 4 Marimo moss balls (actually an algae). I use a strong depth effect with Mopani wood and grey flagstone. After cycling my tank (with happened after 12 days!), I bought my first starter group which is a Japanese line (Benibachi), consisting of 8 shrimps. I also use ceramic cubes, tubes and squares for hiding spots and it'also a nice place for the Anubias to attach on. Temperature is 72F, 10 hours of light a day (24 watts fluorescent lighting). Water values (I use RODI water with GH+) PH 6 GH 5 KH 1 NO2-: 0 NO3: 0 PO4: 0 NH4+: 0 NH3: 0 A couple of pics below:
  4. Hello all, I just started keeping shrimp, first time ever (I'm a relatively experienced fishkeeper). New to shrimps so I decided to jump right in to the deep, as that is my style. So I decided to purchase a starter group of eight CRS benibachi line which I managed to buy quite cheaply (5,95 euro's a piece), as it's S, mostly SS to SSS grade. I believe I have 2 to 3 females and the rest males, but I'm still learning on sexing them. My tank is a 13 gallon Dennerle tank (low tech), with a Dennerle HOB filter with lily pipe. Filter substrate used is blue sponge, siporax and ceramic tubes. Additionally, I use a Süchting oxydator and a 25 watt heater. Temperature is kept at around 72 Fahrenheit. The plants in the tank are Staurogyne Repens, Anubias Nana, Anubias Bonsai, Anibias Petite and a single Anubias Barterii. Anyway, I'll post pics after my introduction. Excitement is high. Cheers!
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