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  1. I like the video. Great looking shrimp. Considering setting up a Sulawessi tank myself. I had seen your video "10 ways to kill your sulawesi shrimp" on Youtube since I've been researching info on the shrimp.
  2. Vorteil


    @rhoagland If aotf isn't interested in the few OERBTyou have I would be.
  3. If you have any blue or CRS I will take some too.
  4. Has anyone ever tried the low cost chillers you see on ebay that sells for around $70?
  5. I've heard about using fans to cool the water down. Just wondered how effective it was when the ambient temperture is high. Just seemed like if was blowing hot air.
  6. This will be interesting, Hopefully others will chime in. My tanks are in the garage would get up around 86-88 degrees last summer. All I had were tanks of Hawaiian red shrimp which can handle the temps. Now I have 2 neo tanks and want to do a caridina tank. Right now the tanks hover around 70-72 which is great. I have the Coolworks Iceprobe that I bought used. Works great for what it is & lowered the temps around 6 degrees in my 5 gallon but there's no way I want to run one of these in every tank.
  7. I used to keep a brackish 10 gallon outside here in Irvine Ca. It housed the Hawaiian Red shrimp called Opae Ula. The temps in the summer would get into the high 80's. I had a cover that shaded the tank fall off and the temps that day ran 96. Not good but all the shrimp survived. In the winter I keep it heated at 78. I meant to put the tank in my garage but kept putting it off. until this happened.This pass winter my daughter unplugged the heater to use the socket. She did plug it back in but didn't push the plug all the way in. The heater was off for 3-4 days and temps in the 40's at night. All the shrimp were on the bottom of the tank on their sides but were still pink or red. Just not moving. I noticed some did move but very little. Plugged the heater back. When I checked the tank a few hours later there was more movement. By the next day all the shrimp were swimming about. Decided that I was lucky not take any more chances. I moved the tank inside the garage. As much as I wanted the additional tank outside the temps were just too high or inconsistent for breeding. I was lucky they didn't die the first time.
  8. Thank you. Just happen to join and saw your post. I haven't tried to get rid of them yet but would have if you were close.
  9. Where in California are you? I'm in Irvine and have Irory & Gold. I actually would like to find someone to give these away to for free. I have around 30 adult snails. Shells are not in the best shape due to calcium deficiency but other than that healthy.
  10. This is a late reply but I have to agree with you. I find them very interesing. I took some photos of mine in a cube just for pics. Right now I have them in a 5 gallon bucket and (2) 17 gallon tubs. I plan to sent up a 5 gallon tank for better viewing.
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