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  1. Forgot to mention, as long as my parameters balance out and the cycle finishes by this weekend I'll pick up a couple Amano shrimp to go in the tank, few weeks later some kind of neo, not sure which yet depends what I can find available but in leaning towards a blue variant, if everything stays stable 1-3 male endlers will finish off the stocking.
  2. I kept Freshwater tanks a little over 10yrs ago before jumping into the Saltwater reef game. For years I've been wanting to set up a planted bowl, I had a bowl picked out already that was about 1.5g. I finally got some time off work and decided to jump in head first, I went shopping for a lamp to use over the bowl and while doing so found a nice 3g bowl for a great price so I swapped my original plan and decided to go with the larger bowl for more water volume. I decided to go with the Walstad method because I don't want to deal with a filter in the bowl. I started with a dirt base capped with Seachem Onyx. I used a piece of drift wood I picked up a couple years ago when I was originally coming up with this plan along with a couple small rocks I picked up at the LFS. The day I set the tank up I picked up an Amazon Compacta and some red root floaters. I ordered some plants from a member if another forum, mostly stem plants, and planted them as soon as they arrived. The picture I'm attaching is from before I swapped bulbs, was originally using an LED 5000k bulb that put out about 300 lumens and I swapped to a different LED bulb, this one 2700k and 500 lumens. I've also raised the water volume higher.
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