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  1. I'm running a 55 gallon high tech high CO2 tank with Crystal Red Shrimp (they finally started breeding! yay!) I am planing to add some Blue Dreams (neocards) to the tank and I would love to also have some yellows. I was thinking Yellow king Kongs but I'm worried about cross breeding and how the offspring would look like? I have very little experience in the cross breeding field but as long as the shrimp would look fun and colorful, I wouldn't mind mixing. I just don't want brown/bland shrimp. Are the odds high that King Kong or Tiger shrimp would cross breed with CRS?
  2. had about 30 of those suckers in my 55 gallon, took me 4 months to kill them. I hate them with a passion. Drop a nuke into your tank!
  3. I'm running a high tech planted tank with GH4-5, KH 1, PH around 5.8-6, 55 gallon. I currently have about 15 CRS but I'd like some diversity. I know neocaradinas won't interbreed with the CRS so those are an option but what about Taiwan bees or any other shrimp? What results would the interbreeding show? I don't mind mischlings as long as they look pretty and not brown/see-through. I especially love the black/white types of shrimp. Open to any stocking suggestions:D
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