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  1. They're both Neocaridina Davidi. It's just color. The brown and blue you have may be from the same line, as that shade of blue is often from a brown line.
  2. What substrates do you use? Is the light one Akadama?
  3. Thank you. I'll keep you in mind for the next time I build a shrimp tank. This time I bought from a larger vendor, thinking they were the breeder (yes, I'm that much of a "newbie"). The shrimp are imported... so far I seem to be lucky, but I have heard that USA breeders tend to have hardier stock, so I am interested. Just starting the hobby. Next time, when I purchase Caridina instead of Neocaridina, it'll be from a US breeder.
  4. Two questions. First, are you the breeder of the shrimp? Second, are you in the USA?
  5. Update. I have had the shrimp in the tank for a little over a week. Water: ended up going with RO water and Seachem Equilibrium, but am changing it to Sera Shrimp Mineral. Too much potassium in the Seachem product. Can't run a reasonable Gh-Kh balance below the 230s TDS. Food: right now, I am just feeding a few granules of Sera Shrimps Natural each day, but have Bacter AE (from what I've read, an essential food) and the sampler of Shrimp King foods from Dennerle Solution to the filter chamber problem in the Fluval Flex 9 is pictured here. I put plastic knitting mesh behind the intake, with coarse foam holding it tightly against the wall of the chamber. Hopefully, it'll be enough to keep the babies out. Other than one odd shrimp death, all seems well. We shall see how week two goes. More pictures to come. The floaters have covered the entire top of the tank and I have to prune regularly. Hopefully, I manage to shake loose all of the shrimp that hang out there when I move plants.
  6. I found your site before I found this forum. Very helpful for someone completely new to shrimp keeping. Thank you.
  7. Well, this is my first dedicated shrimp tank. It is finally cycled (also my first fishless cycle). Other than nailing down my water specs (planning to run with tap water, not RO), which I will be working on over the next week, do any of you see anything regarding setup that I should alter to make it more shrimp friendly? Any advice appreciated. The plan is for some colorful Neocaridina. I am not decided on the color. Thanks.
  8. Greetings from the Rocky Mountains. Long time fish keeper, finally figuring out how to actually maintain a thriving planted fish tank. I have a 29 full of thriving plants (and of course a good bit of that lovely hard green algae), stocked with a black angel, a spotted plecostomus, two Bolivian rams, four bronze corys, a very old Kuhli loach, and a pair of glowlight tetras that just keep hanging on. That tank is in its third year. I have been keeping tanks for the last 10+ years, but just fish. My current "science experiment" is a Fluval Flex 9 I am cycling, in which I am planning to stock shrimp. Not sure whether it will be Caridina or Neocaridina at this point, probably neos because I am under the impression that they are hardier, though I understand Bumblebees are pretty hardy Caridinas. Hoping to find some good advice and share trials and tribulations with other newbies, and get sage advice from those experienced with shrimp tanks. Glad I found the forum.
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