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  1. I don't have that problem unfortunately but I think powdered foods with blanched veges or pellets would work. I have over 60 shrimp in my 7g and I add Shrimp King Protein Pellet once every other day and 1 scoop of Shrimp King Baby and Bio Tase everyday. I also have alder cones, cholla wood, moss, rams horns snail infestation, and different litter leaves so they always seem well fed and grazing. Sent from my VS835 using Tapatalk
  2. Hey, I've been using this forum to guide my journey with shrimp. Thank you all for sharing your experiences! I have a 12g, 7g, 6g, and 3g. The 6g and 3g are a few days old and I have ordered some shrimps for them (Aura Tiger plus extras of what I have). I am currently trying to breed them and started in November 2018. I've had 3 successful batches with 50% survival rate but they stopped since December. My Neos have started berrying but the Caridina haven't. The parameters are are within: 6.0-6.4 pH 135ppm-160ppm TDS 5-6 GH 65F-68F The 12g has fish but I'm trading them so I can add my RKKs into it. It will probably remain heavily planted, just trimmed more often. The 7g has all my Caridina and Blue Dreams. I plan on keeping my Blue Bolts, Shadow Pandas, and BKKs here. The 6g will house my Aura Blue Tigers and OEBT/(Royal Blue). I plan on removing the lid off my fluval and add an egg crate barrier to keep adults separated. I need to add some more substrate, then plants The 3g will house my ~15 Thai Spider Crabs and my Tangerine Tigers. I need some more substrate and then add some trimmings in. Sent from my VS835 using Tapatalk
  3. Day 10, no shrimp deaths but some irregular molts after the 2nd dose. Theres no more scutariellla that I can see. The Micro Thai Crabs were also unaffected. Sent from my VS835 using Tapatalk
  4. Day 2: no shrimp deaths, one of my wine reds has a damaged exoskeleton, not sure if it was a botched molt but its alive, eating, and mobile. I have tiny. 1mm-3mm white worms that eat detritius and the smallest ones are floating and wriggling around at night (when I post this) those white dots you see in the photo are the worms. I see a few shrimp with single white scuttariella hanging on. Doing another water change this Saturday and redosing. Sent from my VS835 using Tapatalk
  5. They are in a 7g so i'm dosing 1.25 ml prazipro after a 2.5 gallon water change. I will update every few days. Sent from my VS835 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, I'm new to the forum and shrimps, I'm seeing white dots/vorticella like stuff on my shrimp and my salt dips arent really effective. Most of the time i dip for 60 seconds in 1 cup of tank water with 15g of salt. It started with a few wine reds i got and spread . mostly single white wormy dot on their nose. Can anyone help me??? Im setting up another tank to quarantine them soon, does anyone have any experience with prazipro or paragard? Sent from my VS835 using Tapatalk
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