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  1. From another new guy. A big hello and a compliment on your tank. Looks great! Good luck!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to the shrimp keeping hobby and looking forward to gathering info from peeps in the know. I came across this forum after a search for a reputable online source for shrimp. I do have a few LFSs in my area but none I would want to purchase my livestock from. I've set up a 20L with a MattenFilter, Fluval stratum and have planted various species of plants/moss. I'm doing 10% water changes weekly with a 25% WC on the fourth using RO water remineralized with SS GH+. I've got my sights set on keeping Caridina and my parameters are looking good at this point for this species. My tank has been up and running for a month now but I'm giving it two more to really become established before I pull the trigger on the herd. Thanks to everyone for providing me answers to any of my "newbie" questions! .
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