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  1. This is a real head scratcher, but I took out the quartz just in case. All I have in my tank is plants some moss on cholla wood and on mesh.
  2. Yup I did a water change with straight ro to bring down my tds. I do have some quarts in the tank as small decoration should I take it out anyways?
  3. I actually have a small piece of cuttlefish bone in my aquarium for the snails to graze on could this raise my kh? I also did a 25% water change this morning and my test showed that my gh is now at 6 and kh at 2.
  4. Sure thing here’s the link https://www.sera.de/en/product/freshwater-aquarium/sera-shrimp-mineral-salt/ it’s a mineral that doesn’t alter the kh just the gh. The tank has been running for 6 months now since I set it up in October.
  5. Hi! thanks for the reply. I have a 8 gallon cube heavily planted with co2 running, and the substrate I’m using is UNS controsoil. I’m currently using RO remineralized with sera salt which is basically like salty shrimp.
  6. Can I keep PBL in neo parameters? My tds is 230 gh 8 kh 3 ph 6.4-6.6.
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