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  1. Homebred. Ok I’ll keep an eye out for that ring... In the meantime I’ll do another micro water change with my tap which has an absurdly high GH of 10.
  2. I've been feeding them peas, shrimp king complete and hikari crab cuisine. Usually only feed 1-2 times a week. If it might be molting issues, what signs can I look for to confirm?
  3. I purchased 20 RCS online from a reputable seller recently and they've been slowing dying...not sure why. I have them in a Marineland 5 gallon that I've put filter sponge in the back to block the inlet from sucking up shrimp. Here's a timeline of events: 3 months I did a 90% water change with RO water of this existing tank I previously had fish in preparation for shrimp 2 months ago I got my 20 RCS and add them to tank 2 RCS died about 2-3 days in Afterwards I've lost about 1 RCS every week. Somewhere in here did a couple micro water changes with my tap to increase my GH because apparently my RCS came from water with GH 8. 3 weeks ago I increased filter flow rate because it seemed a little low 2 weeks of no death 1 week ago I added 2 CRS Yesterday 1 CRS died Today 1 RCS died Here's my water parameters today: Temp: 74 PH 7.4 TDS: 180 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 GH: 4.5 KH: 3.5 No pregnancies...just deaths...I'm down to about 10 now. Please need some help!
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