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    rcs, rcs sakura, yellow fire,,yellow golden back shrimp, snowball, topaz blue, orange neocaridina, orange sakura, crs, cbs,tangerine tigers, sullawesi cardinals.

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  1. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    And here some of my tanks, i redone some of them to try glasgarten shrimp soil.
  2. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    A small video when i feed them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8lrZHAD8_s
  3. This i also know that at f4- f5 have good results. Yes somes look blue when they are small but turn on black when grown.
  4. hI there... I also try with tangerines tigers x pinto and x taiwan, also crs x pinto taiwans. In F2 i saw some blacks in there and some red pintos, they are small yet to say what they are for sure. F1 x f1 give good results?
  5. Ok . You use a lot.. I dont use plants and not need that depth. I will try first with lower substrate as some breeder uses . And see how this will going. I order it yesterday.
  6. Thanks a lot . I will try it . A question how deep you make your substrate? Are you use undergravel filter?
  7. Hi there i keep crs taiwans pintos in akadama soil, akadama keep ph at 6.4 , but its a dead substrate , crs going very well , pintos and taiwan population not grow very fast. A breeder tell me to try glasgarten soil. Did anyone try it? How it stabilise the ph? How long it can be lowering ph? Ada as i saw works fine but it take a lot of time to do the nitrogen cycle and have lot of benetifs for plants.
  8. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    Some changes. moved some shrimps and new projects. And im waiting 3 new species .... I am out of tanks and must build 2-3 more.
  9. nicpapa

    Has anyone used Panacur?

    Also i use it without any deaths in multiple tanks.
  10. nicpapa

    The Tank of Death

    Same do the ebay stuff.. . They get rust and they are new... not over a year. I remove the metal and put some gravel in there , it does the job.
  11. Try to add 2-3 more sponge filters... Tank is very long.
  12. nicpapa

    Thinking about getting ramshorn snails

    Ramshorn are good in the begining of the tank.. I add them when i start a new tanks, or when i start a colony of the shrimp, when shrimps are 10-20.. Then i remove them, and add some assassin snail.... look a picture with unwanded ramshorns i collect from tanks..
  13. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    Shrimp Room August update Shrimp Room August update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GuYOCJDe_s
  14. nicpapa

    DIY Air manifolds?

    feeding areas
  15. nicpapa

    DIY Air manifolds?

    You can see my srhimp room here. how its the pipe and the setup. I use cheap airpump, hailea v60 , for 20 tanks... It run easily 30 airfilters...