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  1. nicpapa

    winter breeding

    Hello there . Can you say how many hours of daylight your place have this period, and when your lights time on and off routine? Mine temp is higher than yours. Maybe something in light period ? Do you have a windows in you shrimp room? Aslo do you know your barometric pressure of the year, like i wrote it above? Crazy qusetions i know.
  2. nicpapa

    winter breeding

    I dont know if barometric pressure plays role but its play for some fish, and i read it lot in the forums, also in a paper for sea shrimps , culture in ponds , i read they measure for 6 months all the data , also have data for barometric pressure. Oxygen is beter in cold water than hot water that is true. Temps affect shrimp grow slower and leave more. Yes that i was thinking , temp fluctuation is more in summer . Maybe they dont like stable temp? haha 😀 If they dont breed in winter why to use heaters? I never loose a shrimp from cold water, i made a test in the previous year with crs. Now also have tanks without heater and temp goes 13-14c in the waters. Snowballs and neos breed in those temps not a lot but you can see pregrants srhimps. Plants still grow but slower. I made a small video to see activity in 14 c vs 22c . Srhimps looks fine . Cbs is without a heat, then crs tank have a heat to22c and the other tanks crs dont have a heat, and in this tank i saw pregrand , also in tanks without heaters had babies. Sorry for the quality of the video its from mine phone.
  3. nicpapa

    winter breeding

    I change my lights to 13 hours from 8 hours i had them I know about the plants how react to temp and lights. If we talk about heat at March April when they became to breed , temp dont play a role, its the same temp when you use heater.. I will try to make a comparison with day lights when they stop breed and when they breed. Your temp is fine with shrimps, my shrimp room , because i dont leave there goes to 13-14c ~ 55F I cant heat all the tanks, its 20 tanks , i use heaters to 10 tanks keeping temp 21-22c and sullawesi 26c.
  4. nicpapa

    winter breeding

    I cant prove it.. Do you know if aircodition can change a litle the pressure? I saw breeder, use it all the winter. The only think i can do it playing wiht lights again. I add in one tank more ligh , and more hours. In the past i try and 14hours.. but nothing happens.
  5. nicpapa

    winter breeding

    Barometric pressure must have something to do with this. i was reading a chart wiht hPa . Below is months and the average values of the months This is from my place for year 2018. 1 1015.4 2 1014.1 3 1013.4 4 1011.8 5 1011.6 6 1009.8 7 1007.0 8 1007.5 9 1011.4 10 1011.6 11 1016.4 12 1015.6 You can see that in months wth the red ,shrimps dont breed So it must have some reration with hpa. So how can we trick them to breed?
  6. nicpapa

    winter breeding

    The place i have them dont have lot of day light. You can try to put more lights , but i never saw somethin happens.
  7. nicpapa

    winter breeding

    Hello there. How is your breeding routines going? it have been years now , that shirmps dont breed in winter, i keep aroud 20 tanks. Shrimps stop breeding from novemer to march. Temp no plays role, i keep tanks without heat and tanks with heat , also some tanks with more light and some wiht less. I saw crs breeding in 15c,,,, and in another tank with 22 c from 200-300 srhimps no one breeding with same light. After a lot of research the only think that it play roles in winter is barometric presure. The crazy is that a friend living here , he saw some breeding in winter. The only think its in my mind is that my shrimp room dont have a good insulation so barometric presure is the same as outside... In house with a good insulation aircodition can change the barometric presure, and keep it stable . What is your opinion about breeding in winter ?
  8. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    Α small video with shrimp tanks
  9. nicpapa

    Calculations to get Right kH and gH

    I dont know what is the hymidity where are you live. But here goes 85-90% , i use moisture-absorber pack but it dont help... Think that i just open , use it and close it in less than 1min when i make the water and it still absorve water. I have 1 kg from salty shrimp gh+ and i put it in smaller bottle 100gr just not affect the humidity all the packet. I forget it open one night and the next morning it was water. Why to heat the salt? I just add salt untli i get my prefered tds...:)
  10. nicpapa

    Calculations to get Right kH and gH

    Hi , its not always the same, salty bee get easy of hymidity, and then in need diferent dosage. Tds meter is the only way .
  11. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    That was a plexy glass, in the back of it , it had sponge filter between plexy and aquarium glass. Some times babies go to another room , but all those was crs . I brake it down because i made bigger tanks, and didnt have any empty tankfor other shrimps.
  12. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    Hi there. For crs akadama substrate its very good. I have very good results. for taiwan pintos, iam trying glascarten enviroment soil , and shrimp king soil for better result. Akadama works for them but they grow slowly. Its fisrt time i change from akadama to another soil so i dont have a good comparison yet.
  13. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    No that was year back...
  14. nicpapa

    Unexplained shrimp deaths

    What shrimps are those?
  15. The only think adding tigers is to make hybrids lower that the taiwans and pintos . Read about hybrids...