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    rcs, rcs sakura, yellow fire,,yellow golden back shrimp, snowball, topaz blue, orange neocaridina, orange sakura, crs, cbs,tangerine tigers, sullawesi cardinals.

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  1. nicpapa

    The Tank of Death

    Same do the ebay stuff.. . They get rust and they are new... not over a year. I remove the metal and put some gravel in there , it does the job.
  2. Try to add 2-3 more sponge filters... Tank is very long.
  3. nicpapa

    Thinking about getting ramshorn snails

    Ramshorn are good in the begining of the tank.. I add them when i start a new tanks, or when i start a colony of the shrimp, when shrimps are 10-20.. Then i remove them, and add some assassin snail.... look a picture with unwanded ramshorns i collect from tanks..
  4. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    Shrimp Room August update Shrimp Room August update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GuYOCJDe_s
  5. nicpapa

    DIY Air manifolds?

    feeding areas
  6. nicpapa

    DIY Air manifolds?

    You can see my srhimp room here. how its the pipe and the setup. I use cheap airpump, hailea v60 , for 20 tanks... It run easily 30 airfilters...
  7. nicpapa

    The Tank of Death

    Do you have a dog-cat? Or did you use any chemical in your home? Did u touch any chemicals? I loose lot of shrimps, before 2 years from dog fleat cure. In the next setup try to use an inert substrate and just litle moss... No woods, no metal mess Just for be sure that nothing can affect the tank...
  8. nicpapa

    DIY Air manifolds?

    You can get a pipe , dril it and put like those airvalves... https://www.ebay.com/itm/10X-Useful-Adjustable-Air-Switch-Pump-Valve-Regulator-for-Fish-Tank-Aquarium-SN/331989881954?hash=item4d4c239462%3Am%3Amcm2mJvEacDHlCA0OCMfaYw&var=541034398812
  9. Here a solution from a German breeder... http://www.shrimp-art.com/?p=1277
  10. nicpapa

    Yellow Shrimp

    The same think,,,
  11. nicpapa

    shrimp Tanks

    update Taiwan and pinto tank go very well, i have 80+ babies... But they are grow very slow. Crs are over polulation on two 100lt tanks Cbs are 200+ from 4 shrimps that i start. f1 tibee x pinto , tibee x crs, tibee x cbs There is bad thing i have 20 tanks , and i dont have a space for shrimps.
  12. nicpapa

    Yellow Shrimp

    Yellow golden back
  13. nicpapa

    Heat killed my bloody marys

    In the summer we dont sent shrimps or buy... its a rule..
  14. nicpapa


    Ι regretted for make those hybrids.... Because those hybrids will be good after f3- f4 generation .... But where i put all those unwanted shrimps?
  15. nicpapa


    200 babies f1 from tibee- taiwan x crs , cbs , tangerine tigers.