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    rcs, rcs sakura, yellow fire,,yellow golden back shrimp, snowball, topaz blue, orange neocaridina, orange sakura, crs, cbs,tangerine tigers, sullawesi cardinals.

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  1. nicpapa

    7.5G Bee Tank

    what brand?
  2. nicpapa

    Giving up with oebt

    Α question about this pump... it look interesting.... If it leave without water ( when water ends ) is it ok?
  3. nicpapa

    7.5G Bee Tank

    Ηello there. I keep pintos red and black, also one taiwan king kong... Some babies are blue likes yours with a white stipe not that dark blue. Never had those shrimps. Do you think that the blue became a black?
  4. This is not good ... look the eggs hits the glass... I use very simple and cheap method. I use a net , put some aquarium filter Foam Cotton and inside this the eggs. I drop water above the net with airfilter and thats it... I have 100% of the eggs. Like this one
  5. So you have a male... Look if your female have eggs... Its takes some hours after the breed to download the eggs.
  6. It looks the first one is female for sure, and the other 2 photos look like males. Except if are those youngs. What the age of the shrimps?
  7. nicpapa

    tibee - taiwan water

    What parameter are you keep taiwans? What tds you get wiht salty shrimp mineral? And what gh? 1 have 3 same tanks 100liters, same setups. In one there are tibbe and taiwan, i get them months ago, dont loose anyone. They breed but i dont have babies... I saw one baby with molting problem dead. In the other tanks there are crs cbs , they breed like crazy and i have lot o babies, the survation of babies is very good. My water is 128 tds ppm , it raised to 140 because of the fans. Gh measure 5 (jbl) kh 0 ( api) ph 6.4 (api) Mineral salty shrimp gh + Substrate akadama Also another tank, wiht hybrids, same water , same substrate, f1 taiwan x crs , taiwan x tangerine tigers babies grow fast.... Babies survive also is very good. I think i try to lower the gh to 4 ...
  8. Thats why its better to buy small shrimps ... Its very dificult to recognise the genre when its young.
  9. nicpapa

    Ro water

    Οκ i will try it and see if there is any diference.
  10. nicpapa

    Ro water

    Oh ok You have a big one, thats for pools. Do u think i can do any diferent wiht the lilte one?
  11. nicpapa

    Ro water

    Oh we have same water. 10 tds its very good for me. I bored to change ro membranes.. . I spent alot of water every week. i will try this one before ro mebrane. http://aquafilter.com/en/product/2/19/fccst2 I have two barrles one for tibee with di water and one for neo 50tds. This way i do litle economy on di . But i need in the week about, 300liter. How long it last ?
  12. Hi there. Did anyone use water softener before ro ? Is it safe ? I have a problem here, my tds after ro is 50ppm, hard water here( 500tds , its about 24gh) For crs tibee, i use di , after ro and get tds 15ppm But di dont last a long and its not cheap...
  13. nicpapa

    Lost the whole tank...

    I made some experiments... In the past i keep 10 shrimp neos, in 500ml water , in Breathing Bag for transporting for 7 days. And another , keep in one liter, java some snail, litle grave and 10 snowballs more that 2 months , without feeding, without filter , without water change. I dont lose them i put them again in the tank.
  14. nicpapa

    Looking For Help Identifying What I'm Doing Wrong

    You keep slow grow plants. Think that you give plants all they need but platns need also co2.. Without co2, plants grow slower, but you give ferts , light and subtrate that have lot in there. So thats why the algae, something must eat the ferts in the water. If i was you, lower the light, you can raise it up from the tank. Water changes .... Co2 is the key, but you can use organic co2 like excel .
  15. nicpapa

    Shrimp Food - Pros and Cons

    I use bacter ae in all my tanks. I never had problem , wiht deaths. Maybe its a problem with the oxygen as wrote above. I use airpump with sponge filters in all my tanks. Dose it after water changes, small amount, and where is population high i dose two time a week . I saw huge baby population wiht this stuff.. i make a video . In the first tanks, there are 6 crs 4 females 2 males, look the babies..