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  1. ^^ Thanks for getting back to me. How did you cycle the tank in a week- I added the water, added all the right stuff and left it. Got the shrimp and seemed very happy. Elbow (blue shrimp) was always a hider even in the aquarium shop, reddie (red shrimp) was always on the moss ball. It's a small 5.5l just to start me off. To top things of my filter is causing a racket. Like the motor part is catching something. I've checked etc and nothing. Being it's electrics I've turned it of as I don't want it killing my fish or shrimp. ;( This video shows the set up. VIDEO-2019-08-02-01-11-26 (2).mp4
  2. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and needing help. I set up a new small cold water tank and left the water in the tank for a week. After a week I bought a red and blue shrimp both thriving in the tank in their new environment. All was dandy. A week later put two guppies in the tank and a fresh nubis plant. Shrimp seemed ok and happy to share the space. Started hiding away in the new plant. A week later bought a clear/albino looking shrimp. After that it seems to have gone wrong. Woke up this morning to find my blue shrimp dead and the red one has completed vanished. I've cleaned out the sponge flitter did a water change and no site of the red shrimp. My only surviving shrimp is looking sad not very active like he was when first bought and my guppies seem somewhat erratic. I got my water tested today before the water change and the nitrate was high so put that stuff in with the water change. Now I'm feeling deflated and upset that my shrimp (king edward) and my guppies aren't going to survive the night. Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA
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