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  1. days


    Sad to say but this morning one of my shrimps went kamikaze, must of jumped out the tank over night. I do have a lid on this tank but there's a gab for the lily pipe. Oh well, circle of life as new life begins the old ones fade away. Week 1 babies, looks like most of them were in hiding. Also second female was still holding until the next day, so about 20+ babies.
  2. days


    I was a bit worried about the berried shrimps and eggs at this point. This was about mid way through January and I decided to do more research. Seen a graph with temp & days for crs hatching and was like omg I think my temperature has been too cold. So I decided to turn the heater to about 72 degrees, few days later I notice my females are changing color maybe getting ready to molt. I tired looking at eggs to see if I can see eyes but the eggs were dark and I maybe blind. NFC Championship came was coming up and my brothers wanted to go... so off to SF I went and that was a great game. I came home that Monday and peeked into my tank, I couldn't find the females but load and behold a single baby.
  3. days


    Forgot to mention that back in November I had set up a 10gal just for the fancy tiger shrimps. Tone of algae but don't worry it will clear up... you probaby wont believe it but 2 oto cats cleaned up the glass in a few days. All the white specs are cyclops swimming around. They love their new tank. Also got more fancy tiger from Grant... this a picture of one of the new one, it looks pale from shipping but colored up the next day.
  4. days


    During this time the temperature outside was about 45 degrees at the coldest time of the day/night and tank temp was about 66-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a bad winter for California, fairly warm I would say. I was so excited and was really looking forward to seeing baby shrimps but 3 weeks goes by and nothing. December was ending and females are still holding eggs. This pic was 01/13/20 about a full month, look at that color so vibrant. She was more golden but after a month berried shes a super blue. Here's the other female 01/01/20
  5. days


    December was a good month... I had 2 berried shrimp, here's a pic of one of them. I'm not sure where my photos of the other one has gone. First berried shrimp was seen on Dec 7, the other female was berried Dec 10th.
  6. days


    Time to add some shrimp, I headed down to my lfs and grab 8 bluebolts and 3 black king kongs. 10.17.19 I saw this on flipaqutics and i couldn't resist. 11.02.19 A few weeks later I stumbled upon this forum and was looking through the market, TGOE... had fancy tigers, thanks grant love them.
  7. days


    I love how colorful the Caridina shrimps look so I did some homework and decided to get working. In September of 2019, I purchased a 10x10 nano tank from flipaqutics, a fluval led light from my lfs, fluval stratum for the substrate, a canister filter and some lily pipe. 09.26.19 Since this was going to be my display tank I wanted it to look nice and tried to scape it the best that I can. Tested the water after setup, yikes look at that nitrate. Tested again after about 4 weeks and a few water changes and I think we are ready for shrimp finally. 10.14.19
  8. days


    My Shrimp tank and how it came to be... I've always been into fish and had aquariums setups off and on. I've kept Goldfish, Bettas, Arowana, and Guppies, etc. I also enjoy fishing but haven't been out lately so I've been watching vids on the tube. Anyways went from fishing vids to aquascape vids and now shrimp vids. So this past fall I decided I'm gonna start with a nano shrimp tank something that I could display in my living room for the kids, guest, and more importantly for myself. So it begins...
  9. I'm new to the hobby too and shrimp food is expensive. I did decide to buy a few and test them out and this is what currently use: GG mineral, dinner, bacter ae, snowflake, SK complete, spinach, frozen bloodworms. This is what i notice from my shrimps, of course yours may differ. BB very picky Fancy Tigers, Pinto not as picky foods that my shrimp like: spinach, bloodworms, snowflake, bacter ae foods that is okay: complete foods that they will eat but are not excited for: mineral, dinner (usually feed them after day off) Sundays is a no feed day, Mondays are usually mineral, Wednesday protein and the rest is mixed.
  10. Im seeing the same thing happen to my BKK... what are your water parameters? PH 6.4, GH 5, KH 0, TDS 115 using saltyshrimp GH+ What can help them molt better?
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