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    Gardening, Fishing/Diving, Cooking, and right now I’m really interested in breeding A bunch of Shrimp. Or Just ah few quality Hybrids of my own!
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    Ghost,Cardinals for now.Hopefully I can obtain some Neos soon!

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  1. Well you gotta think you don’t have any Waterfall filter with activated carbon running, are you doing any kinda water changes still? you might need A couple more plants in there, unless you do A small water change and add in something alive in there. OR add some things from your turtle tank into the new tank just for A few days to jump start everything. Maybe even just purchase Acouple feeder shrimp to throw in there as sacrificial shrimp lol. The ammonia will go down as the tank starts to cycle, I know water changes are kinda doing the opposite of what you want the cycling to achieve. But it’s A give and take situation.
  2. I’m ecstatic right now! Finally someone who actually stuck to his Guarantee! Everything packaged very carefully, and ALL shrimp alive and healthy!
  3. Nice man, I kinda just got A tank like yours. But mine has rounded edges instead of sharp corners! Are those plants from A store or from your turtle tank/pond? Do you have any snails you could use to help cycle the tank? Their waste would be good enough in my opinion
  4. So just wondering, but would lightly filtered Fresh Sea Water be usable to mix with either RO or Good Tap Water? I was thinking my Sulawesi Cardinals would have been in water just like That where they lived. I’ve been told Sea Water is Dirty, but what if I get it from about 10ft or deeper? Our sea water here in Hawaii is A little better then some places in my opinion
  5. Actually yeah I’m looking for some of these to! I’ve only had the yellow ones!
  6. Sorry about the picture quality! The camera for my iPhone XR has A cracked lense so it has A hard time focusing and producing clear pictures! This shrimp isn’t mine, it’s just one of the parents of the unknown FreshWater Cherry Shrimp babies I just received. This shrimp is actually A VERY VERY Dark Red, like A dark maroon color. But it’s Dark Yellow Backstrap gives it some contrast, this is the only one out of A group of 7 Adult Cherries that has that stripe in the middle starting at its head extending completely down to the end of its tail
  7. Can anyone tell me what’s going on here? They where all attracted to this one area, they’d go straight back to this spot even after every time I scared them away from Actually used slightly filtered(For Debri) Ocean Water, only about 15% of the total amount of water used for the tank mixed with local tap water that sat aerated for A night.. Our tap water here is good with A constant ph, I gotta look for the List of values the Board Of Water sent new. I have another tank for the Sulawesi that’s cycling, but I’ve been needing to get the 8.5mix. Everyone seems to like it a lot more then the 7.4/7.5 one.. I think this Tank wasn’t cycled even near enough, the only thing with some nice algae/Boi is the damn feeding dash and the cholla pieces haha.
  8. So I’ve noticed that the Sulawesi Cardinals like to stay hidden in their caves/crevices for most of the day, or atleast until I turn the lights off lol. So I read that these do ALOT better when there’s more of them, more so then Neos. Probably gonna pull the trigger and get another 6-10 of them, it’s just A tough decision because they are so much more expensive then Neos or Crystals. Every listing I’ve seen has them for about 100$ for 5-6$ of them. My brother actually started this tank in preparation for some Neos, but do to unforeseen circumstances he ended up just putting some plain Ghost Shrimp in it after cycling it for months lol.
  9. Hey you guys, I’ve been having A very hard time finding local Neocaridina and/or Crystals and Cardinals. Located Honolulu,Hawaii. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Since shipping them to Hawaii is A No No. thanks
  10. You sure it’s an Amano,’ ? Seems like a little to many babies in my opinion
  11. Danky808


    Awesome tank bro, any other plans to add more shrimp to that tank?
  12. Any pictures? We’d hVe to know exactly how old each one is, or just let us see pictures? For the ones not showing color yet, I’d give them A couple weeks to A month. They should be starting to show true color by then. I would keep all the Culls/Rejects in one tank, you never know what the offspring might produce. Actually I’d keep the best looking culls in one tank, and then the absolute ugly/wrong colored looking shrimp in another. You never know what might happen in the offspring of the better looking culls, recessive genes could in fact come out in its off spring.
  13. So this next tank is for my Sulawesi Cardinals, the sponge Filter,wood, and feeding dish are all from A well established tank to help speed up algae growth. The PH isn’t quite where I want it, as of right now it fluctuates between 7.4-7.6. I’d be happy if it was at A stable 7.8-8.0ph in all honesty. Here’s A Guppie Breeding tank, it started off with just one Male Cobra and One Regular Female Fan Tail Guppy. I’m very happy with the out come in the F1s.
  14. Not to sure if Papaya anything would be good, only because of certain digestive enzymes known to be in the fruit. Would be good to look that up before you come back A couple days later to find nothing alive and their bodies gone as well to lol
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