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  1. BUT the opposite side to that coin is not every breeder focus on the same traits. some like darker reds, some like different patterns, etc etc. so mixing gene pools isnt always the best with PRL.
  2. bostoneric

    Setup of our competition shrimp tank.

    Thanks everybody. now time to keep working. 1 year to improve even more!
  3. bostoneric

    Setup of our competition shrimp tank.

    still call them swimmerettes! was just getting all technical about her. Still a lot of work to do to make this tank even better!
  4. bostoneric

    Setup of our competition shrimp tank.

    shes about an 8.8 (out of 10). couple things to improve. I'd like bigger white circle on the head (personal preference), redder antenna, and perfect shrimp would have red pleopods (which is extremely f*cking rare)
  5. bostoneric

    Setup of our competition shrimp tank.

    We never really updated after setting up. This was because we didnt want any photos to leak of our competition grade PRL before the contest. anyways... We took first place in the red/black bee category at the USA contest this year.
  6. that seems like a lot of food. do you have a huge colony? i'm sure there are other brands that have a snowflake available to you.
  7. bostoneric

    WTB snowflake food Los Angeles area

    We are in culver city.
  8. i'd add a couple different types of leaves. catappa, guava, etc. they should be fine for that amount of time without feeding. you can add a snowflake also on the day you leave. that will last 3-4 days of picking on it.
  9. bostoneric

    Rubbermaid Tubs

    I've tried this method years ago. it was terrible. when you try to remove the tubs it makes a bigger mess than its worth. in the long run when your soil is about to expire it will always be best to have another tank ready to cycle.
  10. bostoneric

    BEST&BULK SIZE shrimp food!

    that "test" is far from scientific. some shrimp dont like foods others do. that "test" is personal opinion based at best. our PWL wont touch any foods except Aqua Ede Green Food, while our JRB will eat your sneaker if you put it in there. They've even destroyed some beautiful buce I added to their tank. I can get you any of the SL-Aqua foods in bulk. We supply a few breeders with large quantities of foods.
  11. bostoneric

    Peltier Water Cooling

    You could make a closed loop system with some stainless steel pipes in the tank. that way no worries of any issues with corrosion from the radiators or etc getting into your water.
  12. bostoneric

    MK Breed Cheeseburger

    http://www.substratesource.com/ carries it and they are also the usa wholesale supplier.
  13. bostoneric

    Experienced Keeper Advice Please

    This thread is a great example why RO water + a quality shrimp remineralizer is so heavily recommended. Make things easier on yourself and follow a well-proven method!
  14. bostoneric

    RO alternative solutions?

    The reason RO water is used is that its the cleanest solution so adjusting GH/TDS. Measuring PH of RO is pointless because of the lack of KH. This is why we use a buffering substrate to provide stability to PH. The reason we dont use C02 is that baby shrimp can not tolerate C02, they need oxygen especially the first few weeks. edit: RO is also the cheaper than any of these other ideas.
  15. bostoneric

    40 Gallon breeder tank divided

    very cool idea. havent seen somebody do that yet with 1 long HMF! props to thinking differently.