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  1. DiscoBee

    Has anyone used Panacur?

    both are about the dangers of using Fenbendazole https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11356-014-3497-0 https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/3334#section=Use-and-Manufacturing
  2. DiscoBee

    Has anyone used Panacur?

    There are some good research papers about these types of meds and how they affect shrimp. I'll try to dig them up. this is why a natural planaria product like Z1, no planaria, etc should be used not these meds.
  3. DiscoBee

    Ph 4.7 and fresh cut driftwood

    baking soda will only be a short-term fix, the soil will absorb the KH and it will drop again. Are you sure your PH test kit tests that low?
  4. DiscoBee

    Fluval Shrimp Stratum Substrate Review

    whats really funny is the con about making the water soft. lol
  5. do you have a problem with my reply?
  6. this would be interesting. I know i've talked with breeders in the past about SCRS and we've agreed that at some point in the "creation" tigers may have been used.
  7. DiscoBee

    Snow White - Golden Bee

    PWL is what I believe you are referring to. These from my understanding were developed from PRL. years of culling for less and less red.
  8. DiscoBee

    Male or female?

    i'd guess male. but hard to tell still so small.
  9. whats up with all the mulm on/in the soil? did that happen when you pulled the stones out?
  10. DiscoBee

    PRL not pure?

    transferred from another tank on plants or something?
  11. DiscoBee

    PRL not pure?

    what else is in that tank? putting aside if it is prl/crs, it just looks like really bad quality more than anything.
  12. I would lose the stones and try to simplify your plants. a sponge on each end would be plenty. 5 ottos is a lot for a small tank. you really dont need ottos in shrimp tanks. I'd try to keep things to a minimum to try and make it easier.
  13. DiscoBee

    DIY Air manifolds?

    1/2" is plenty. I use that for my 6' rack with 12 tanks with approx 20+ outlets. always better to add a bunch more outlets. you never know. comes in handy for breeder boxes or etc. AL6 should be able to, but kinda depends on depth of the water and such. have you already purchased the AL6?
  14. DiscoBee

    The Tank of Death

    BigJake. sorry to see such hardships. Start a new thread and detail every step of the way, maybe somebody can catch something.
  15. DiscoBee


    Awesome! love seeing more and more stores willing to invest in the growth of shrimp in the USA! please hit us up if you have any questions or need some guidance.