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Found 22 results

  1. Hi. I recently got 3 neon yellow shrimp(Neocaridina, 2 females and one male). They are in a 10 gallon aquarium with 7 ember tetras, a mexican dwarf crayfish, a ghost shrimp, and a single male orange sakura shrimp ( he was the last survivor of the awful reaccuring incident of eco-complete poisoning). It has been 16 days. One female has gone missing, and I found her berried. Same thing happened with the other. No more than a week had passed before both shrimp were berried (although one of the females had fewer eggs, all of which were a lot larger than the other shrimp's). When I went to sleep last night, both females were pregnant . When I woke up, the one with the larger eggs was no longer berried. With the amount of research I've done, I can be assured the eggs didn't hatch. Did she just drop them?
  2. What's the consensus on moving a berried crystal to a different tank? Bad idea? Doable? Gh, KH, TDS all very close, ph a little higher in current tank. She's in a mixed CRS and RCS tank at the moment and want to move her to a CRS only tank that's been running (with other crs) for 3 months. Appreciate the insight.
  3. Package #2 - (1) Safari 'Dancing Man' **BERRIED** Black Female (GOLD GRADE) and includes 1 handcrafted 'Gold' SHRIMP ART identity coin. (Message for pix of second available package) Developed and bred by Monika Pohler of Germany. This group is offspring of the same colony that took 1st place in both European International Contests the last month. Price is $950. (Males available to add on if you want, $150 for Black (Silver Grade) male, $450 for a Black (Gold Grade) male.) Shipping is $12 Priority or $35 for Express. No trades. Any questions feel free to ask.
  4. Package #4 - (1) **BERRIED** Red Safari 'Dancing Man' female (Silver Grade) and (1) Red male (High Silver Grade) - Includes 1 handcrafted 'Silver' SHRIMP ART identity coin. Developed and bred by Monika Pohler of Germany. This group is offspring of the same colony that took 1st place in both European International Contests the last month. **These will also throw 'Gold Grade' offspring. Price is $650. Shipping is $12 Priority or $35 for Express. No trades. Any questions feel free to ask.
  5. I have a Neocaridina var. Orange shrimp that became berried for the 1st time, pretty sure this happened last Sunday. Looked to me like there were WAAYYY too many eggs for her to juggle. Sure enough, today I see she's only carrying around 4 eggs, roughly 4 days later. I know shrimp often drop their young when they are berried for the 1st time. I haven't noticed any dropped eggs though and I'm sure they weren't ready to be released, no distinct eye on the eggs she's carrying. This particular shrimp was the largest female out of a group of 15 shrimp that were born in a jarrarium last November. I've since moved them to a 4 gallon tank. They've never been around other shrimp or fish, they are all siblings. The other females have distinct saddles but are not berried yet. Should I be concerned that more females are not berried? Would it be best to introduce other shrimp? I have juvenile Neocaridina var. Yellow in a tank that I could introduce to the sibling's tank. Or, should I just let nature take her course and not mix the original group. I've only been topping off their water lately, TDS is @ 171 which is the highest I've ever let it reach. Last time I did a water change was July 28th, about 3/4 gallon worth, their tank is 4 gallons. Does the higher TDS promote more berried shrimp? UPDATE: Just noticed another berried female. She also is carrying a large number of eggs. I'd like to clean the front glass and do a small water change afterwards but not if it's going to disrupt the most recent berried female. 045.MP4
  6. hello guys im kind of worried my cherry shrimp has dropped most of her eggs but they still seem to be hanging off of her, this is her first batch and I heard it's normal that they drop them but why are they hanging there? is it something with my water parameters or the rocks I added , I added river stones that they graze on but I don't know if it's causing harm to them
  7. Hey all, I'm fairly new to the hobby and had a quick question. One of my Red Rili shrimp has been berried for a while and I'm wondering if I should move her to a mesh breeder box. I was looking specifically at this Lee's Net Breeder: http://www.amazon.com/Lee-10265-Lees-Net-Breeder/dp/B0002APRKQ?ie=UTF8&keywords=mesh%20breeder&qid=1465454586&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1 I have my shrimp in a 10 Gallon Rimless JBJ and all of my shrimp have been doing great. I'm really excited about my first berried female and don't want to lose these babies. Please let me know your thoughts on what would be best. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Also, I'll try to attach a picture!
  8. Just looked into my tank and to my surprise my berried female orange shrimp is giving birth to my first set of shrimplets. They are so tiny can't even believe I was able to see them..
  9. Today I found my first berried female but unfortunately, I think it's my one wild type. But we will see it looks like she's holding about 5 eggs maybe so wish me luck.
  10. Here is my Green Jade Momma. She has been berried for a week. This is her first time berried. I got 10 baby green jades and raised them. Only 2 are for sure female. They are both berried this week. They were slow growers for the most part. I am interested to know if anyone has been breeding green jades and the outcome of the offspring. I am hoping for a decent amount of green jade babies!
  11. From the album: wot_fan's shrimp

    This is one of my berried CRS. The shrimplets should hatch in a few days.

    © wot_fan

  12. From the album: wot_fan's shrimp

    This is one of my berried CRS. The shrimplets should hatch in a few days.

    © wot_fan

  13. From the album: wot_fan's shrimp

    This is my only adult female orange rili. This was taken 4-5 days before the eggs hatched. Most of the shrimplets in the pictures I have posted are from this batch of eggs. I think this is the best shrimp picture I have taken to date.
  14. I am so excited, I woke up yesterday morning and did my usual shrimp count. I saw two fresh molts in the tank and upon closer inspection I see my one BB is berried!! This really caught me off guard since I couldnt see that she had a saddle becuase of her color and I have seen one of my Golden Bees that does have a saddle. I was expecting the first shrimp to berry would have been the golden. So now im curious what male got to her it would be either another BB or a Golden. What offspring would you expect from a BBXGolden? I wish I had a camera that took clear enough pictures to share.
  15. My pumpkin with the giant saddle got berried last night but it seems that she isn't able to hold them all and some are hanging out. I wish I could take them off her! Poor thing its her first time and she's kinda goofing it up.
  16. my berried opae ula. i made this video a little while ago from my shrimp. while the babys allready hatched there is allready a new berried female walking around with around 20 to 30 eggs. i will soon post some more videos about my other shrimp and tanks. so please subscribe.
  17. About a week ago I found one of my female white pearls was berried and was so excited. I estimated about 12 tiny snowballs altho it was pretty much a guess. Today she looks like there are only about 4 left. I believe it is her first time to be berried. Is this normal for first-timers? Or is there something I should be looking out for? Water parameters: pH 7.8 temp 21-23 C ammonia 0 ppm nitrate 5 ppm TDS 253 GH 9 Got a new light a couple of days ago for both tanks which is quite a bit dimmer than the old one as I heard they are more sensitive to light at this time. I got white ones http://www.arcadia-aquatic.com/classica-led-striplight/ One of the new females in the QT is also berried and I'd like to know if there's anything I can or should be doing to prevent this happening with her too. Haven't changed their feeding just adding a pinch of Bacter AE every other day as before. Any help, thoughts and/or advice would be great.
  18. From the album: May 2014 Berried Shrimp

    Berried Fire Red in my 10g DO Aqua!
  19. From the album: May 2014 Berried Shrimp

    Berried Fire Red in my 2g Fluval Spec
  20. From the album: May 2014 Berried Shrimp

    Berried Carbon Rili on EBITA Quatro 2 in my 11.4g Mr. Aqua
  21. From the album: May 2014 Berried Shrimp

    First Berried Carbon Rili in my 11.4g Mr. Aqua
  22. Hi Everyone, I can't tell but am leaning towards yes!!! Let me know what you think.
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