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Found 10 results

  1. BUCEPHALANDRA!!!STARTER PACKS & MINI CLUMPS!Get your Buce fix here.STARTER PACK 5 for $30 (shipping included) //Each portion is 12+ leaves and will come on lava rock unless you request it Loose/unattached//MINI CLUMPS 3 for $30 (shipping included) OR6 for $50 (shipping included) //Each portion is 25+ leaves and will come loose/unattachedOther add ons-Lava Rocks (2-3" available 5 for $4)Buce Ledges (1.25") Black 3D Printed $3 ea. or 4 for $11Shipping is USPS First Class Mail - Live arrival Guaranteed.NOTE- All Buce has been submerged for 1 or more months and has no sign of stress or melting. All pics are representative of the quality and some of the assortment. You may get some other types and I only send quality buce and a good assortment. All are random assortments and will be clearly labelled/id on the bag.
  2. Hi guys, We started a tank 3 months ago titled 'Westworld' (check it out here). Took a while for the tank to settle down and really grow out. We just made an updated video on what it looks like today. Check it out. We've added some cherrys and fish too. Thanks and best regards,
  3. Hi all, In celebration of our one year anniversary, we are giving away 2 free random bucephalandra (plant portions, 5-10+ leaves) with every order! We also have a new video out showing off a nice low tech setup in a 20 gallon (UNS 60U). Check it out here. Hurry, offer good until supplies last. Best,
  4. Hey all, We just got done with some PAR meter testing on the setups we have that contain bucephalandra. So for all those of you who have always wanted to keep some of these beautiful plants along with your shrimp tanks but worried about lighting, have no fear! Check the link here for our findings.
  5. Hey all, It's been an awesome August for everyone here at Buce Plant. We have some really exciting stuff coming through the pipeline. As always, we have to thank everyone in the community for the support. We love our job and we love what we do. We're having a Labor Day Sale to celebrate the long weekend. Visit our site and enter discount code LABORDAYBUCE at checkout for 20% off your order of all plants! Don't forget we just got a bunch of new java ferns in. If you guys have any questions at all, please reach out to us! We are always on social media and usually reply pretty quick. Thanks and best regards, Matt
  6. Hey guys, If you haven't seen our new video on youtube or facebook yet, head over to Link Let us know what you think! best
  7. In celebration of our restock, we're doing our first RAOK!! Rules to play: Kindly put your name on a running list: 1) 2) 3) We'll be randomly selecting 2 lucky winners on 4/19 - Shipping out on 4/20! (Winners will be paying $3 for shipping) TWO LUCKY WINNERS will receive 2 generous portions of bucephalandra on rocks using either Krivbass, Kedagang, Penelope, or Hades IF we get 75 entries, we’ll be giving away a $25 giftcard to use on our website www.buceplant.com to ONE additional winner! Follow us on Instagram: @buceplant & Like our Facebook page: facebook.com/buceplant for additional promotions. Unfortunately, we're only shipping within the United States.
  8. Hey guys! We're getting ready for a large incoming shipment so I wanted to give you guys a heads up on whats coming. We should have all of this available for sale in about a week. Bucephalandra Restock: Dark Achilles Brownie Blue Lamanda Mini Purple Ultra Green Little Dagger Black Pearl Hades Kedagang Round Brownie Purple Mini Coin Peacock Brownie Phantom Brownie Iris Raven Arrogant Blue Deep Purple Pygmae Dark Wave New Bucephalandra: Velvet 3 Color Blue Cherish Kayu Mani Brown Catherinae Red Narcissus Melawi Thunder Flora Purple Adonis Brownie Helena Brownie Hermes Dark Velvet Vulcan Entikong Giant Catherineae Solid Blue Melawi Paris Brownie Ghost Motleyana Black Purple Purple Lish Adonis Vermouth Isabella Narcissus II Saber Tooth Dark Blue Copi Susu Sp Rao Godzilla Midnight Blue Red Cerberus Brownie Metalica Brownie Sugar Brownie Helena Theia 4 Cacade King Freya Leto Loki Medusa Odyssey Pinoh Rao Red Scorpio Royals Ulysess Brownie Red Brownie Upper Ghost Mirabelle/Rubicundum Sericeus Theia Black Motleyana Red Under leaf Motelyana Black Purple Red Sword Fino Bitter/Red Bilblis Fino Mimosa/Biblis Blue Sky Black Gaia Nanga Sukayat/Red Aphrodisiac Green Achilles Red Vein Semuntai Red Shot Gray Sokan Kayu Manis Brown Nekan Aphrodite Copper Maestro Blue New Rare Swords: Echinodorus Albino Marble Echinodorus Needle Echinodorus Yeni Echinodorus Green Spike New Rare Cryptocoryne: Crypt Cordata West Kalimantan Crypt Cordata Rosanervig Crypt Striolata Deep Pink Moss Willow Moss Spikey Moss Mini Pellia Mini Xmas Moss Fissdens Fontanus I'll post pictures soon. If there are any plants that you guys are looking for that you don't see listed above, feel free to respond to the thread and let us know what you want so we can try to get it for you!
  9. buceplant


    Hi guys, We have truly fallen in love with this beautiful floating plant, Frog bit. We are so in love with it that we have shifted direction from providing quality bucephalandra to only FROG BIT! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this majestic plant. We love the way our frog bit multiplies and covers a tank in no time! Check out our website for more info.. Best, TEAM FROGBIT
  10. Even though many of you have probably read about or kept Bucephalandra before, I sometimes get questions regarding growth and care so I want to start a Buce specific thread for everyone to benefit and contribute to. If anyone has any information, pictures, new species, fun facts, or anything Buce related, feel free to post it here! Bucephalandra is a genus of flowering plant endemic to Borneo, grown on the banks of fast flowing streams and rivers. There are hundreds of different species, most considered rare in the US aquarium trade despite their growing demand and popularity. They are very similar in appearance to Anubias, with leaves growing out of rhizomes which can be attached to any hard surface using glue or line. Their care is similar to that of Anubias and Cryptocorynes. Rhizomes with a few leaves and roots can be cut and glued or tied to rock and wood for new growth. Although considered a slow grower, they can flourish under high light as well as thrive in low tech tanks alongside Mosses, Ferns and Crypts. Their versatility and ease in care are what make the plant so sought after for planted tanks, paludariums, terrariums, or even ponds. Many species commonly produce flowers. Although some keepers may experience melting leaves when first introducing stressed Bucephalandra to a new tank much like what happens to Cryptocoryne. The plant rarely loses all its leaves and the process of slow and gradual. As long as the rhizome is intact, the plant will be able to bounce back and sprout new growth once acclimated to the tank.
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