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Question on Scented Home Products/Water Chemistry

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About a year ago, I was living with my girlfriend at the time and I had two tanks set up.  She bought new essential oil diffusers and started using them in the house, but not in the room where I had my shrimp tanks.  Not long after she started using them, I had die-offs in both tanks. My suspicion fell on the diffusers as the culprit but I couldn't prove it.  I'm not sure what exact oil(s) she was using but I think they involved lavender.  I just did several water changes and asked her not to use them, and the die-offs seemed to stop.  I've since moved out into my own place and have both my tanks set up.  I walked into my house the other day and noticed that my house wasn't exactly smelling fresh, mostly due to my dog.  So my question is, does anyone know of any scented home products that will NOT have an adverse affect on water chemistry?  I've heard that the oil from scented candles can get into the water and cause problems.  Are there any particular oils/scents that are tolerable?  Thanks in advance.

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