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Help a newbie!

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I’m brand new to the hobby and having a tough time finding info on a few pretty basic questions - I have so many, so just a couple in order of priority...


1) can someone please give me some info/direct me towards some to discuss the visible difference b/w a Taiwan bee / a mischling / a crystal shrimp?  
I own bees, but have never seen a crystal or a mischling in person - it sounds like it is visibly clear the difference, how/why?


2) how do people successfully introduce tiger genetics into a TB colony (to get Tibee/TaiTibee)?  From what I have seen, it sounds like the two types of shrimp require different water parameters to thrive so what environment is required to allow both types & get that cross started?


3) I understand that sometimes people use language incorrectly - was offered a package including Pinto/Mischling/TB (various)/Crystal (red & black).  I pressed to get a better understanding of the lineage on the pintos and was told they came about from some mischlings that were introduced to his TB colony.  Is this seller using the term pinto incorrectly?  My understanding is that without any Tiger genetics, pinto (TaiTibee) is impossible...

4) Regarding Taiwan Bees, are blue bolt shrimp typically any more difficult to keep than other TB?  I got my first shrimp recently as a package deal - some BB, some BKK, some RKK.  Acclimated all of them in the same manner to one tank and they are mostly doing well - except the BB.  I lost only a few BKK/RKK in the first week, but lost almost all of the BB.  Seems odd since they all came from the same source and all are being treated exactly the same here.


Many, many more questions.  And more work to do myself, but if you can help me start with these here I would much appreciate any guidance!

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4. For me blue bolts were of the same hardness as all others, BKKM, SRC, bees, in pH around 6.0 setup (Amazonia and RO with Salty Shrimp Bee Mineral GH+) in moss tank with mopani wood. One baby hitchhiked on driftwood to rilis tank and survived at pH 7.6 tap water without acclimation. Was returned back when he grew up and was noticed.


1. Not an expert, was a newbie not so long ago, but according to what I have read Taiwan bee is a recessive mutation from the cross-breeding crystals with bees. Taiwan bees x crystals result mischlings, that look like crystals being heterozygote. Not keeping them too.


2. Could only guess,  pH 6.5 substrate, both have to adapt. Here is a post of a breeder who did that, with his water parameters. 


3. Can't say for sure, but had pinto looking shrimp in mixed  BKKM and BB colony after several generations.

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