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This is in regards to an order I placed not that long ago with this company. I had always seen them around the forum, Facebook and other avenues.

I finally reached out to them when they had a great deal on some orange neocaridinia. Being this is the only neo I have not kept wanted to try my hand at them. When I first placed the order and paid had to ask several times for shipping dates.

Finally after shipping I got the shrimp in. Upon opening the package it wasn't orange neos but crystal red shrimps. Granted they were nice crystals but not what I ordered. I reached out to company but still have yet to get a reply acknowledging the mistake.

Just a review of my interaction with this sponsor.

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I have been in and out of the shrimp hobby for a while, but I will say that I have ordered from blue crown on many occasions and they have excellent stock. Their shrimp have all been quality for me and they tend to be quite accommodating. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them. 

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