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10 + Aura Hybrid (aura blue tupfel x snow white)

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● Item: 10 + Aura Hybrid (aura blue tupfel x snow white)

These guys are aprox 7th generation and produce all sorts of beautiful patterns.
● Closing Date/Time:   07/15/16  @  8:00pm (Always Eastern Time)

● Gender: Mixed (random scoop from tank)

● Size: juvies/sub adults
● Parameters:
TDS 135, GH 5, KH 0, pH 5.3 Temp 72-74

● Starting Bid: $50.00
● Minimum Bid Increment: $1.00
● Shipping:
$12.00 USPS Priority con USA only (DOA guarantee)
$40.00 shipped USPS Express (DOA guarantee)
● DOA Policy: DOA guarantee will only be valid if you send me a clear picture of the dead shrimp inside the bag next to my shipping label within an hour of their arrival. However, shipping will not be refunded.




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