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Ten gallon tb tank journal

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I am currently 24 days into cycling my first taiwan bee tank and figured I would start a journal now as I should soon have water params. stabilized and be able to get my livestock.


So heres what progress I have so far. Started with a 10 gallon tank with an hob filter with sponge prefilter that I had running barebottom with some moss and java fern for approx. 6 months breeding out my red cherry shrimp colony before they moved to their final home. 


March 29th I added ada amazonia to the tank and have been re-cycling it/letting ammonia leach. I also planted 2 baby crypt wendtii, one green, one bronze and some rotala indica cuttings from another tank, and some salvinia to float around.


Since that time I have added 3 medium sized indian almond leaves and 3 4 inch long pieces of cholla wood


Other things I have acquired that will pertain to this tank are.


RO Buddie 50 gpd unit

Glasgarten liquid mineral gh+

Glasgarten snow flake

Glasgarten maulbeere

Shirakura shrimp ball food 


The plan for shrimp so far is to get 8-10 bkk/ black pandas

And either 8-10 wr pandas or blue bolts. Any opinions on which shrimp I should get for sure, or any other products I should get before/after I order my shrimp would be greatly appreciated.

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Update: Sorry, I've been busy with work picking up with the weather (I make supplies for construction companies, so this is my busiest season)  but have updated this tank alot. 


This is my current set up.


Topfin 10 hob filter/ sponge prefilter that has cycled with this tank for 8+ months.

 New: sunsun 603b canister filter with sponge pre filter/3 stage sponges/purigen/matted poly filters inside.

New: 11 inch nicrew led light system.

Updated from 50 to 75 watt heater with added water flow.


I changed plants around, now have.

Flame moss on cholla wood

1 bronze crypt wendtii

7 sprigs of rotalla indica

5 sprigs of moneywort


1 indian almond leave



5 red panda/ red king kong (flip aquatics)

5 black panda/ black king kong (flip aquatics)

5 tiger shrimp (alpha pro, 3 black/blue dominant stripes, 2 red dominant stripes.)


I have 2 more 10 gallon tanks to set up once breeding starts to occur to split up the blacks/ reds/ tibee and tigers. Mts.. Not at all.. 


Front and top views. Need reccomendations on a good camera for shrimp pics, that can do stills and videos zoomed in on them.




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what's your tds 

gh and kh?

i have had a tank for over 2 months butt taiwan bees haven't breed and i started adding some crystal reds and all of them died. i want to know if i'm doing something wrong maybe

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Got a few better pictures today of some shrimp. The red Tibee looks much better in person, I wish I could get her into the right light but she is berried and hides most of the time.. hopefully her babies will look a little nicer, I crossed her with the same male TB that gave me the white eyed pintos and black king kongs






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