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New tank - getting there....

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hi all


Setting up a dedicated shrimp tank 


Got a small tank to dedicate to shrimp a good few months ago and setup with substrate, rocks and growing some mosses - first attempt did not seem to cycle / balance very well and the moss plants died (thought they were pretty hardy ?) and got a lot of algae growth that was difficult to control.


So started again - after a good clean as there were no shrimp - and found a much better balance with the moss growing vigorously -  as that is all well established and water balance is looking good I added eight shrimp to the mix approx. 2 weeks ago - all looks good and they are devouring all the bio waste on the moss and cleaning it all up nicely - so minimal feed while they settle in. All were seen regularly despite ample cover and many hiding places in the abundant moss.


Once settled I raised the temp slowly as it was a bit lower than optimal -  And last night a new development - a perfect moult leaving a clear but perfectly formed shrimp shell - and out of the 8 shrimp about 4 are going CRAZY ... more interested in swimming feverishly than hanging about and feeding - after a bit of GOOGLE it seems likely the temp increase and this moult has triggered the males to "chase the ladies" !


So this is ideal and saves me stocking with more examples

- so other than the fine shrimp filter cover on the pump what else should I do to encourage this

- and is there any special care / feeding if I do get some mini examples to survive and thrive ....


Was not really expecting this success after just a few weeks - so a bit caught out and looking for any advice from those that have been there 









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Maintaining a good amount of biofilm will be critical to baby survival. It sounds like you have a lot of mosses and an established tank so honestly... have a beer and pat yourself on the back.

You can get specialized shrimp foods or bacterial boosters if you want but your colony isn't large enough for that to be a requirement. My guess is that you have neos, which tend to be hardy. Keep the parameters stable and you'll be on your way to a good colony.

Doesn't hurt to post your parameters here and get some feedback. I'm trying to breed some Tangerine Tigers at the moment and despite the fact that the females are almost always berried, all the babies have died for the last couple months. Just goes to show that you may not be out of the woods yet.

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