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No, but doing water changes improperly will.  


Shrimp don't like quick changes in water parameters, especially most Caridina, so as hardy as shrimp are there some things that can upset them rather quickly.  When you're changing water it's best to do 10-15% water changes, match the parameters as closely as you can (Temp, pH, GH, KH, TDS) & drip the water in.  

It's also been explained to me by a very successful breeder here in the U.S. another way.  I'm paraphrasing here...   ...Shrimp NEED water changes to stay strong and healthy.  When you first get your shrimp start out slowly changing out 5-8% of your water every week or two.  Your shrimp are weak and not at their best at this point, you need to be careful with them and not change your parameters too quickly because they are so weak during this time.  Gradually up the frequency and the volume of your water changes.  As you do this your shrimp will become stronger & healthier, you can then continue to up the frequency and volume of your water changes (still trying to match the parameters as closely as you can).  Over time your shrimp will become healthier, stronger & more adaptable to changes in water parameters.  More like Viking Shrimp!

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