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Greetings from Virginia

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Hello fellow shrimp keepers. I've kept fish off and on for the last 20 years or so and started keeping Neos a few years back. Last spring I decided I wanted to keep Taiwan Bees since I already had an r/o unit. I did my research and thought I had it all down. Things were going good until summer came around and I became preoccupied with other things. Tank temperature was too high due to their location, tds climbed from over feeding of powder foods and I lost about 90% of my original stock. I sold off most of my tanks and equipment and downsized. We have a small house and limited space, so the hallway that divides our dining room and den now has a shrimp rack there. Needless to say, the wife wasn't too happy about that but I promised her no air pumps this time and that I would create cool little aquascapes in each one. Compromises. 😛 So far, I have a few 2.6 gallons, a couple 9 gallons and 5 gallon. Most still need time to grow in but they are getting there. Anyways, I scooped up a few pandas, bkk, rkk and pintos to add to these tanks. They have been breeding and thriving so far in the new location. I'll post some pics soon enough.


Anyways, that's about it. Glad to be here. 

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9 hours ago, aotf said:

Hey madcrafted, welcome to ShrimpSpot!

Getting a little tired of the crowd at TPT? :P


Thanks. Nice to see a familiar face or rather a familiar screen name. :) I figured it was time to expand my resources. There's not too many caridina keepers over at TPT and even fewer breeders. I've noticed quite few US breeders here, so maybe I can introduce some "fresh" traits into my stock soon. 

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