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Cycling new tank

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I am cycling a new 10 gallon aquarium with ada Amazonia light, using a Hamburg Matten filter with plants already planted including Buce, scarlet temple plant, subwassertang, and 2 other species.  I started off using the fishless cycle, but since week 4 now is week6 my ammonia has been stuck at 0.25 ppm.  I have been doing frequent water changes using half ro half tap water.  I have cholla wood in there along with katapa  leaves alder cones and montmorelinite rocks and tourmaline balls.  Is this normal for ada soil to take this long and I just need to be patient or do I need to try something else.  I added a few endlers last week to see if that would help but no.  Any advice welcome, thanks in advance!



ph 6.3

kh 0

gh 5-6

tds 147

nitrite 0

ammonia 0.25

nitrate 0-5

temp 72

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