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AuraTi questions

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Starting off by saying earlier this year I had successfully breed a few of my Taiwan bees with Aura blues. If I am not mistaking this offspring is called f1. If this is true, my f1 AuraTi’s have now created my next line of f2 AuraTi’s. I am aware that most of the patterns and coloring of the shrimp will develop more in the f3 generation and thereafter. However, I have a few in my aquarium that I am very intrigued with and would like to gather some insight from you all and see what you think.

A majority of the shrimplets (f2) carry zebra stripes, along with spotted head. I also have a few that are looking more solid in color like white, light blue, yellow. Yes, Yellow! My camera does not do its justice. The pictures posted are the ones I need insight on though. Are these solid blues ones extreme black king Kong’s? What about this red one that also has blue on its shell. Would this one be A dragon of some sort. Lastly, the last shrimp photo. Would you consider this a galaxy, or just something not fully developed yet?

Pictures posted in order from F1 mothers, Blue Shrimp, Red/Blue Shrimp, I guess the unknown Shrimp.

AT Mom.jpg

AT Mom 1.jpg

AT Mom 2.jpg

New AT 1.jpg

New AT2.jpg

New AuraTi.jpg

New AuraTi1.jpg

New AuraTi2.jpg

New AuraTi3.jpg

New AT3.jpg

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Really beautiful patterns JonRon. I have a hybrid black tiger/pinto tank that throws similar rusty red/brown patterns. I call these my root beers. Some have red/white tiger patterns while others black/white bands. The F2 and beyond get truly bright red. I’m starting to separate out the reds into their own tank. The blue babies end up extreme BKK to pinto patterns. I love the beautiful patterns that come out of this tank. Some of the f1 moms are not the prettiest as far as opacity, but they throw pretty babies. A couple of the red babies have bright red squiggly Lines on their heads. Can’t wait to see how your colony matures. Shrimp Rock!

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