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A reliable electronic tds/ph probe?

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Hey all, my tds meter bit the dust, and figured I may as well upgrade to something a little more 2018 and see what you guys may suggest in the lines of a tds or tds/ph meter. I have 3 tanks so not having to permanently mount the probes inside the tank is crucial, if I have to store the probe in solution that is fine I just really want something I can easily check multiple tanks with.


I have my water changes down to a pretty standard schedule so I should be fine "eyeballing" it for a little while until I can find the proper tool for my needs. Ph is secondary to reliable tds and price for me as I have plenty of ph test solution on hand, but if there are any decent meters that do both that aren't overpriced I would definitely like to hear opinions on those as well. Thanks for your time

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