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Pre-aged/dried Ada Amazonia and Ph problems

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I realize low ph and Ada Amazonia are a common subject on forums cause it’s how Amazonia works but I have a slightly different scenario I need help with...


Earlier this year I was prepping for a rescape in one of my other aquascape fish tanks and I aged and cycled a big bag of Ada Amazonia powder type in a bucket with a filter for several months. 


I ended up with a bunch of leftover Amazonia from the rescape so I decided since it had finished leaching all excess ammonia in the bucket previously that I could dry the leftovers in a pan in the sun outside and re-bag it for later.  So I did this. 


Recently I’ve been setting up a shrimp tank for my Caridina raccoon tiger shrimps that would need a good low ph (6.2-6.5) buffer substrate so I decided to use the leftover dried out aged Amazonia.  


In my other nano tanks the Amazonia buffers around 6.2-6.4 and I use RODI water (ph 6.4) with bee shrimp GH remineralizer (0 KH) .  But in this shrimp tank the previously aged Amazonia is still dropping the ph below 6 down closer to 5.5 or lower.  The tank is three months running and has been cycled,  only substrate now and water and eheim canister filter. (I added the pre dried Amazonia to this tank LATER on after a mishap and algae issues I was having with spiderwood and plants and took everything out of the tank for now and added more of the pre-aged and dried Amazonia substrate a few weeks ago (bear bottom tank with Amazonia and water now).  Super confusing setup story I’m sorry.  😕


Anyways,  i thought after this Amazonia had been aged in a bucket and re dried after a few months it wouldn’t have this ph drop issue it’s having in my new setup.  But I honestly don’t know what it’s doing or what to expect concerning the ph level.  It does not leach ammonia at all which is why I liked that I had previously aged and dried it out.  But the ph is definitely unstable still.  


My raccoon tiger shrimp have been in a small temporary tank for so many months now cause this tank I’ve been trying to setup for them has been having so many problems.  I just want them to go in their tank already 😒😩.  


I am considering adding a few pieces of crushed coral to the tank to see if it helps the ph stay above 6 until the Amazonia quits buffering below 6.  I don’t think my tiger shrimp could handle ph 5.5 and live long.  


Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks. 


My setup is a 5 gallon UNS 5N rimless tank with an eheim 2211 canister filter.   I plan on adding bucephalandra, moss and cholla. 



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