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Any low light “hanging” plants?

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Hello people! So I’ve been cycling my first shrimp tank for the last month and added RCS today 😁 It’s a very small tank- only 14l. I have a java fern which stretches full height and marimo moss balls but I’m thinking about buying one of those planters with a suction cup to stick on the side and add extra height/ an extra level/ give the shrimp somewhere to land when they’re swimming about. My question is are there any easy, low light plants that would grow over the side and hang down, rather than grow up. I saw some plastic ones for reptile tanks when I searched google and really liked the look but couldn’t find anything live. I suspect the bouyancy of the water will always encourage plants upwards..? Thanks in advance!

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If you're into mosses, you could try out vesicularia ferriei (weeping moss).
It's not horribly demanding with the caveat that it will grow differently under different conditions. It also won't fill your tank quite as much as java, which can get out of hand.

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