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Human Shrimp

Filter for baby shrimp

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So in my 5.5 gallon aquarium I have cherry shrimp, I plan to breed them, but don't have a sponge filter. I was going to buy one or put some cut pieces of sponge over the intakes, when I took a good thorough look and my aquarium, and I noticed hundreds if not thousands of Copepoda on the glass, wood, substrate, plants and even saw them going in and out of the filter intakes. There is a sponge inside the filter. If these copepods can explode in such massive numbers and move inside and outside the filter without problem, will shrimplets survive as well or should I still cover the intakes?

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23 minutes ago, wyzazz said:

Pronounced like Wise-Ass!  It's a nickname that I got in the USMC that plays off of my last name.


I thought that but thought it'd be rude to ask if your name meant wise-ass.

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