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Cross breeding with YKK

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Yeah, in a way I have.  Sometimes, I'd get YKK in my project Xs & I'd breed the females..  

Here's a few of my Xs's offspring;  I call them Bumble Bee Tigers & their my 5th Generation...

85408295_BBee5GI.jpeg.025b765edf88c396d9beefbb544eda15.jpeg 1416746341_BBee5GII.jpeg.5a1ea91cb7bdfafdebc64e2b11357caa.jpeg


A shot w/Black Tibee & Bumble Bees mixed


From the 4th generation on they breed true.  Once in a while, I get a Mischling pattern like above.  😪

However, the chance of getting one is now sitting around 1-3% of a hatch. 

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