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  2. Hi, I'm new to shrimp keeping and having a 4G tall cube tank (23x23x37cm) using active shrimp king soil with some taiwan moss, anubias and Hydrocotyle sp."Japan" (My plant is growing great). i also put in a small piece of drift wood, small almond leaves, BW cactus stick, BW mineral balls. Initially brought 10 blue dream with 2 already berried but guess my tank is not cycle well enough and i drop the shrimps in and sadly, they died one after one in a span of 2 weeks. But i salvage the eggs and spread them into the tank (I read this from somewhere in the net that this works without using incubator). I was happy that around 30 over shimplets was hatch. They're now grown up with a couple dead while their growing which i'm not sure why. Recently i saw some female saddled and was trill that i'm gonna have some new batch of shrimplets soon. Than come disappointment as i found 2 of them has abandon their eggs. Can someone advise why they abandon their eggs? I saw a female shrimp still stirring the abandon eggs (Not sure they're feasting or stirring tho). Do female shrimp still take care of their eggs after they abandon the eggs? i use water directly from my tap with some water treatment done. My water parameter is as below, PH- 7.2-7.4 Ammonia - 0 Nirite - 0 Nirate - 0 - 5ppm KH- 2-3 GH - 6 TDS- 180 Water temp- 27-28°C
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  5. I bought a few fire red cherries from a local lfs three weeks ago and was disappointed to see one had the dreaded green fungus. I quarantined it with some moss soon after bringing it back home. At first, I thought it had no hope, but about a week ago I found an article listing possible cures for it. The article stated MarksShrimpTanks uses hydrogen peroxide on his shrimp tanks to treat shrimp diseases, including green fungus. Instead of using it on my whole fish tank, I decided to dose it on my quarantined shrimp. I used about 1/16 of a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide for 4 cups of aquarium water (guess work). After a few days, I was delighted to see the fungus had cleared up by a lot. I am watching the shrimp now and the fungus seems to be almost entirely cleared up. Just wanted to share a treatment that worked out for me. Thanks for reading!
  6. I have had a male and female cherry shrimp in a 20 gallon long with some neon tetras for a few months. At one point (week ago) the female had a saddle, but that's gone now. The female is now getting bigger and the shell surrounding the swimerettes is growing larger in size. Is she getting ready to lay eggs or is something else going on?
  7. I have them 10 for $59.99. They are bred my myself and not imported. https://www.theshrimptank.com/livestock/blue-dream-shrimp-10-pack-with-free-shipping/
  8. All prices include shipping. Payments through paypal. Hardscape: Selling a pack of Seiryu Stone. Pack is about 17 pounds. I will include flexible scaping twigs in the pack. 45$. Pack: Largest stones under 9 inches. https://imgur.com/a/TZvOdDe Twigs: https://imgur.com/a/jLAJyWb Plants: 5 frogbit and 25+ giant duckweed for 10$. 2 packs avail. https://imgur.com 35+ Giant Duckweed for 10$. 3 packs avail. https://imgur.com/a/GtEQIsK Trade: I will trade the hardscape for cherry shrimp if anyone is interested.
  9. i have 30 pcs for $93 shipped overnight
  10. Howdy Everyone, new to the site,(first time caller long time listener). I have a question, DOES anyone recommend a good filter system, I have a combo planted/shrimp tank, a 12 gallon long & narrow. I have tried a canister filter (which I love and have on my 75 gallon) smaller version of course. I have tried a HOB type of filter. My problem, I always end up with half a dozen or more of shrimp, swimming around in the bottom of the filter, they are fat and happy but I would prefer them in my tank. I have tried the sponges on the inlet side of the filters, but with the amount of plants the sponges always stop up after about 3 days of running. I have read up on using a power head with a sponge, like the one I uploaded. But are these any efficient I like to use bio media in my filter systems. So if anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate it. Thanks again, Trey
  11. Anyone have 10 Blue Dreams and if so how much shipped? Thank you!
  12. Couldn’t tell, they’re fighting or playing.
  13. A little come back to my shrimp topic This time also in English Hope You like my shrimps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaPTxAD4ctw&t=271s
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  15. oh thanks for your help i will try to get the frozen worms.. That is if my mom allows me to put it in her freezer.. lol
  16. Mine eat them when they float to the bottom. I use freeze dried and frozen, and they all love them. I even give them live black worms which I've seen them try and swallow but the worms give them a run for their money they do love the meat. Try frozen. They sink quickly. Freeze dried have to get water logged first.
  17. Hi, i have two 3 litre tank, one for shrimps and the other for fishes. The algae in my shrimps tank is almost 90% gone since i got 2 ottos. My fish tank on the other hand has plenty of algae. Can i transfer 1 or both my ottos to this tank? Should i just leave them alone? Recently, i have been feeding blanched cucumber in my shrimps tanks, is that enough? Usually, how many times per week do i need to feed my ottos with 'blanched cucumber'?
  18. Can cherry shrimp eat freeze dried worms? The worms just float to the top and my shrimp just can't be bothered to eat them.. Maybe they are just lazy.. Any idea how to get my shrimp to eat the Bloodworms?
  19. Hi, Thank you for this amazing thread,hard work and all the videos you uploaded on raising amano shrimps. I have been attempting to raise amano shrimp for about a year but always ended in failure. My best attempt was when I got the amano larvae to 25 days. I would be most grateful if you could please share/teach me your method to raising amano shrimp? My method is as follows: 1) 10 litre tank 2) 34 ppt salt water 3)temp 22 degrees Celsius 4) airline tube with very gentle bubbling 5) 24 hour LED light 6) lots of brown algae has grown all over the sides of the tank Many Thanks
  20. 1 pp. m of amonia is very litle. Might not produce enough nitrate for you to detect it
  21. Best to use ro water to preserve the buffering capacity, another óptico is to let it cycle for 6 weeks no water chánges. Do a big one at the end: that is what i do
  22. I've seen raccoon tiger shrimp pop up a few times. People generally note that they won't interbreed https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7142168/#!po=14.7059 Is this the same species? Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  23. #Usa #forsale #shrimp All shrimp are homebred. Shipping is $10 or free on orders over $50 Sale ends monday night. Yellow neo $2.50 each Blue Dreams $4 each Black Rose $4.50 each Green Jade $4 each Snowballs $2.50 each Green Jade culls $1 each Tangerine Tigers $3 each Raccoon Tigers $6 each Black Tiger Orange Eye $15 each Green Tiger culls $4 each Red Tigers $10 each Orange eyed yellow king kongs $12 each Low grade Steels $5 each Blue Steel $10 each Black Tibees $2.50 each Zebra Ghost Bees $10 each Cheetah x zebra ghost $8 each Tangtai f7 $5 each Fancy Red Tiger Culls $5 each Sulawesi Cardinals $15 each Updated list
  24. what size tanks?
  25. Hello Asianrain, Baby Neos are much more sensitive to water parameters than adults, so it is likely a huge swing in your water parameters that have caused the issue amongst your shrimp. I learned all about this from this blog: https://aquariumbreeder.com/aquarium-molting-process-and-metabolism-of-the-dwarf-shrimp/ Basically: "if replaced water contains higher concentration of salt compared to that the shrimp has right now the shrimp’s shell will absorb the salt (because of Osmosis). In its turn, in order to adjust the saline concentration, the cells will have no intake more water to compensate. As a result, there will be a Cell Hypertrophy. It causes to cell death and eventually shrimp death." This is why it is so important to keep any changes in the shrimp tank small and slow so that if they do affect water parameters, then the shrimp have time to adapt! -SJ
  26. Definitely the stone. ^^ Agreed with OblongShrimp. SJ
  27. I had the exact same thing happen to one of our orange shrimp just yesterday. I Looks just like that. I would love to hear what the community has to say as well. SJ
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