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  2. Hello! I have just got some young extreme blue bolts, and I’m wondering if I should put them with my mosura blue bolt or keep them separate? I’m just starting out and know nothing except how to keep them alive! Still learning genetics etc. cheers!
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  4. Hey guys! Does anyone here still have Caridina sulawesi? If not, where can I find them? Forum member Steve R. used to breed them but stopped when he had to move. This thread has some videos of these awesome animals: Thanks in adavance!
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  6. HI all, Just wondering if anyone has an easy shrimp lolly recipe that i can use to make some? thanks.
  7. HI all, Just wondering if anyone has an easy shrimp lolly recipe that i can use to make some? thanks.
  8. I bought this labeled as amano shrimp, i have a doubt about this and i think its a wild cherry shrimp, could someone help me identify this please (Note the color of the eggs as well)
  9. Nuts! My tank isn't even cycled! I so wish I could place an order!
  10. Everything is up on the site and already marked down 20 to 50% off and free shipping on orders over $50. Tgoeshrimp.com
  11. So Hygger didn't have any 100W + heaters (that I could find). So I ended up ordering a Orlushy Submersible Aquarium heater - 150 W. Interestingly, the Orlushy manufacture acknowledges that the heater dial settings may not match the final water temperature, so they provide a digital thermometer with the unit so that you can calibrate the desired temperature before using the unit. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but it at least was honest. I've now got the heater dial to give the temperature I want (it was about 2 degrees lower in the water than what the dial wa
  12. Just found one of my berried star dust with the same thing. Im thinking it's some sore of bacterial issue, or could be planaria in the tank that I dont see. Try shrimp pimpin group on Facebook if you have it and post the question. Theyll be able to help, im going to, if I get an answer I'll try to find this thread again to let you know. Sorry for your losses, I feel your pain, going through the same exact thing myself.
  13. Hmmm, never heard of that before. Try joining shrimp pimpin on fb and post the question there. And any images yiu may have, thats where I get all my answers for any shrimp issues. They're really helpful and hopefully thwy can figure it out. Do yiu feed them minerals, calcium food etc? I don't think its from the AC and the other parameters seem well. You said the substrate is like a year old, have you checked ph to see if its losing buffering affe t and the ph may be rising? Also, do you check gh & kh, I doubt it, but maybe gh too low and its a molting issue? Sorry, wish I could be of more
  14. cherry shrimp and second one, not sure, looks like it can be low grade cherry, or wild form neocaridina
  15. cherry shrimp and second one, not sure, looks like it can be low grade cherry, or wild form neocaridina
  16. the saga continues......................... I am going to return the Fluval M100 heaters because they are not heating the tank enough. I am trying for 84 degrees. The heaters are at the highest setting (86) but the tank is only getting to 81. I've re-reviewed the Amazon comments, and I can find a recent comment that shares the same experience. I'm going to try a Hygger heater next.
  17. How's this for confusing? The one on the left is brand new, the others vary from 1 year old to 4 months old. I'm going to go buy a glass floating thermometer today to see if any of these are right FWIW - the heater is set at 85 degrees and has been running for two days. So either the heater isn't doing the job or all these digital devices aren't that good (or maybe both)
  18. never tried, as I didn't want to replace a bad unit with another unreliable unit. I bought some oversized Fluval M100 heaters (compared to the tank size of 20 gallons). Hopefully these hold up better Thanks,
  19. qa2744.....were you able to get a replacement from Cobalt?
  20. No, they look like seed shrimp to me. Baby shrimpletrs look like miniature shrimp.
    1. K-Plump


      Long video was a oops! But since I can’t figure out how to delete it, what grade might this be? Thx

  21. Hi! 
    Cherry’s Need help!!!!

    The video below two new females with what I believe is the dreaded ellobiopsedea (sp).

    I have dipped three times in salt

    (1TBSP api salt /1c tank water)...

    1st dip - both in for 30 sec.

    2nd 8 hrs later another 30 sec.

    3rd 12hr later for 1 min.

    Honestly, I can’t tell any difference. Today (after reading till 3am and my eyes blood shot) all I could find was possibly Kordon malichite green and methylene blue to treat. 
    Found some today and shop guy recommend 1/2 dose.
     The bottle says normal dose -10 drops per 1 gallon.  I go for it! 
    Cherry’s are in 2.6gallon Fluval Spec for this treatment. I did full dose because I’m all in now and euthanizing is last option since they’ve survived this long, they are tough like me and I don’t quit easy!  


    I am super PO’d that this has happened. I have NEVER added new shrimp to my family until I read it’s good to keep (in) breeding balanced. What ever that means! So I got two (these two). Guy tells me he’s doing me a “solid” and gives me berrried females. Solid...my keester! 
    The green berries turned out to be this nasty stuff! So any help will be greatly and sincerely appreciated. 


  22. Unfortunately can't see the video. Tried several browsers. Can you try a repost?
  23. Joe's AQUA 2020 Nov Pre-sale . Deadline for Pre-sale deal is Nov. 8th midnight. Estimated Shipping Date: After Nov 16th We startd to do the shipping rate by Fedex Express Zone map and lower the limit for free FEDEX Overnight shipping FREE FEDEX OVERNIGHT SHIPPING for orders OVER $50* for Zone 1 (Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington) Special sales as below Pleco (Tank-breed) , Juvi size from 3.2 cm L397 ALENQUER TIGER PLECO (PANAQOLUS SP.) $49.99 EA L333 KING TIGER PLECO (HYPANCISTRUS SP.) $20 EA L144 BLUE EYE LEMON BR
  24. I have some extra Aqueon Pro heaters and I'm not far from you.
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