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  2. Has anybody heard of this shrimp, the "green lace filter shrimp"? I'm very interested in buying some but I can't find any place that sells them or ships to where I live! Another thing to note is that there isn't much info on them, so if anyone here who has had experience keeping them can give me some pointers, then that would be great! Photo credits to Aquatic Arts
  3. I bought 5 bumblebee shrimp recently, and I put them in a 5 gallon fluval tank with 9 fish, I figure that those fish will greatly reduce any chances my bumblebees will breed. I have another tank, a 2.6 gallon Fluval which has around 35 cherries in it including shrimplets. However, that tank has hydra and a somewhat high GH of 120 ppm. What would be my best course of action for my bumblebees? It is important to note that I intend to begin a colony! and that I also have 3 black neos with them in the 5 gallon.
  4. LOL Yeah, it startled me for a minute. Looked like a zombie thread!
  5. Joe's AQUA 2020 June Pre-sale Deadline for Pre-sale deal is June 7th midnight. Estimated Shipping Date: After June 16th Free Fedex Overnight shipping for orders over $80 Special Sales, Red Fancy Tiger S Grade $15 ea / SS $35 ea / Permium $250 Black Galaxy Pinto High Grade $25 ea Snow-White Unsexed Juvi $6 ea OE RKK extreme/Panda $25 ea OE BKK extreme/Panda $20 ea OERBT Unsexed Juvi $15 ea Red Snowflake Pinto - High Grade Unsexed Juvi $130ea Golden Galaxy Pinto Unsexed Juvi $80ea E2 PRL Unsexed Juvi $20 ea Black Nanacy (Tiger Pinto) Unsexed Juvi $10ea Red Nanacy (Tiger Pinto) Unsexed Juvi $15ea Blue Bolt eXtreme Unsexed Juvi $15 ea / Female $40ea , Packages Deal for Caridina (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) 20+2 pcs BKK Panda $85 15+2 pcs BKK Blue Panda $95 15+2 pcs BKK Shadow Mosura $95 10+2 pcs BKK eXtreme $85 20+2 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $85 30+3 pcs S-SS Grade CRS $90 20+2 pcs Black Belly Pinto $85 12+1 pcs Black Zebra Pinto $85 20+2 pcs Red Belly Pinto $85 10+1 pcs Red Zebra Pinto $90 35+2 pcs Tangerine Tiger $85 7+1 pcs Red Nanacy (Tiger Pinto) $100 10+1 pcs Black Nanacy (Tiger Pinto) $100 10+2 pcs A-S Grade Black galaxy Pinto $100 8+1 pcs Red Fancy Tiger S grade $100 5+1 pcs Black Galaxy Pinto High Grade $120 30+3 pcs YKK $85 7+1 pcs OERBT $100 Package Deal for Neos (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) All neos are subadults size 1.5-1.8 cm 30+3 pcs Bloody Mary $90 25+2 pcs Green Jade (High grade) $100 30+3 pcs Yellow Golden Backline $90 30+3 pcs Blue Dream $90 30+3 pcs Black Rose $90 30+3 pcs Blue Rili $90 30+5 pcs Red Rili $80 30+3 pcs Orange Rili $90 30+3 pcs Carbon Rili $90 35+5 pcs Fire Red $80 35+5 pcs Orange (Pumpkin) $80 35+5 pcs Blue Jelly $85 35+5 pcs Snowball (white Pearl) $85
  6. Last week
  7. It was the substrate that came with the tank originally. Aqueon plant and shrimp substrate. I really dislike the substrate because its legit clay balls and can barely plant anything. I don’t recommend
  8. Welcome! What substrate is that? It is so round!
  9. Hey whats going on i’m Gabriel and I have 2 tanks as of now. One is my shrimp tank and the other is a reef tank. Ive had my shrimp tank up for about 6 months now. Im happy to be a part nice to meet you all!
  10. What other kinds of shrimp do you keep in the tank? What could have bred with her?
  11. My female just had her babies. I’ve seen some that look like crystal reds, blue bolts, black pintos, and some sort of golden pinto. I wasn’t aware that a blue Bolt could have so many babies that were completely different from each other and their mother. My tank consist of other various grades of BB and blue mosura. I did have some OEBT but they were only in the tank for a few days and I switched them out to a different tank with a higher gh.
  12. My cherry shrimp usually have yellow saddles but today I noticed one had a white saddle is this normal they have just undergone A tank move
  13. Thank you. I got him out. Hopefully before any others were created. Not sure if they need a mate. - Pete
  14. I dry the mulberry leaves in the shade and feed them to the tank Sink in one day gone by the third day does not make sense to me to boil them. Lose properties. What Kind of shrimp disease could inhabit a mulberry tree ?
  15. I think this is a less common colour morph. You can find people talking about red spot/red head neocaridina elsewhere online.
  16. It's a scud. Its recommended that you remove it right away. They can take over your tank from what I've heard. Edit: and supposedly they might also eat shrimplets
  17. Hi Guys, I got 10+1 CRS the other day and this little guy tagged along. It KINDA looks like a shrimp and it does swim like one, but... Sorry for the crappy pictures, but it is hard to "catch" and I only see it every day or two. Anyone know what it is? - Pete
  18. Does everyone knows where the Hollow Eye gene came from?!
  19. Nope it is called a blackline. It is pretty common in neos (usually females) and nothing to worry about.
  20. How come the shrimp in the back looks almost like it’s a pink scab? Is this just part of molting? Or is it something else?
  21. Thanks for the reply. I like brightwell for some reason, i just had luck with it in my other tanks. I will def look into platinum soil. And yes brightwell is def not cost effective haha. I have way too many shrimp in my 29 gal. Plus i really would like to try one of those amazing planted tanks and a 55 would be perfect.
  22. I would use an active substrate. I have Taiwan bees on some brightwell currently (only been a month or so) so I don't know how it works longterm. I also got it as a sample so I don't know if it is as cost effective as other active substrates out there. I have also heard good things about PLATINUM SOIL which Chaz at Elevateshrimp.com sells. I have also used aquasoil (the original) and SL Aqua but those seem harder to find nowadays.
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