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wyzazz wyzazz 06/16/2020 I bought some supplies from Wyzazz and would highly recommend him. He was very helpful and answered my numerous questions. All the food and botanicals I ordered arrived well packaged and quickly. Can't ask for much more in a transaction. Tarantula424 Tarantula424
centralcoastscapes centralcoastscapes 04/30/2020 All the blue neos arrived fine. Thank you for all the extras. Highly recommend. lordeon lordeon
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 04/30/2020 Great seller. Highly recommend. lordeon lordeon
TheGardenofEder TheGardenofEder 04/06/2020 No issues. Highly recommend. IslandFrag IslandFrag
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 11/13/2019 Shrimp arrived alive and in good condition. Nice color already. Appreciate the mulberry leaves and moss sample! Thank you, Dani! Critter Doc Critter Doc
jessaweeshrimp jessaweeshrimp 10/27/2019 Healthy, active and hungry little shrimp! Nice coloring on the CRS. Thanks! Critter Doc Critter Doc
JSak JSak 09/24/2019 Great Buyer! Very easy to communicate with, friendly and a great hobbyist to deal with! Thanks for everything. I hope you do great with your new Red Bolts! Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 09/24/2019 Had to get the Red Bolts from this seller after getting the Green Jades. All shrimps arrived alive and look great (even got a berried female and several babies)! Good communication, very helpful, and you can tell she’s passionate about the hobby and genuinely wants to help others be successful in the hobby as well. She also has a YouTube channel so you can see the actual shrimp she’s selling and what you’ll get if you buy, so you know they’re healthy and well-taken care of. Highly recommended! JSak JSak
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 09/07/2019 Very good communication throughout the entire process. Shrimp arrived safe and sound even with delayed due to weather. KeyeNewen KeyeNewen
KeyeNewen KeyeNewen 09/06/2019 USPS delay this week due to Hurricane, buyer was very patient and understanding. Glad your shrimp arrived safely and i hope you enjoy them! Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 09/05/2019 Very good communication and packaging. Package got delayed, which wasn’t seller’s fault, but all the shrimp arrived alive and very active. They’re still young, small and probably stressed from shipping, but they’re displaying some deep green coloration already. Very friendly and cooperative seller to work with. Highly recommened! JSak JSak
JSak JSak 09/05/2019 Awesome buyer, had some delays with USPS but buyer was patient, understanding. Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
betoy54 betoy54 08/13/2019 Hope you enjoy the shrimp, thanks again! :) Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
George George 08/13/2019 Hope you enjoy all the shrimp, thanks again! :D Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Snailer Snailer 07/30/2019 Thanks for your purchase, hope your shrimp enjoy the mulberry leaves! :) Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
TheGlassBox TheGlassBox 07/27/2019 Beautiful vibrant healthy homebred Bloody Marys. Thanks for everything. Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Hawaiian Opae Hawaiian Opae 07/22/2019 Excellent customer service. Fast shipping. Super awesome tiger! OMGShrimp OMGShrimp
b-rock b-rock 07/16/2019 The wine reds that came in were a mix of pandas and stripes. The shrimps arrived very healthy and active. After a few hours of acclimation, i added the shrimps into the planted tank. the color of the shrimp easily pops against the lush green and black substrate. I would say they are one of the best wine reds i seen. Cottaball Cottaball
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 07/12/2019 i love the color red. the red is different than crs and visually better. they are doing well and lively. thank you. Cottaball Cottaball
Epitaph Epitaph 06/26/2019 Thank you so much! Excellent buyer A+++ Shrimp Life Shrimp Life
Faralon Faralon 06/21/2019 Sorry this feedback is overdue! Received healthy, active shrimp. Really nice color on the Blue Dreams. Thanks! Critter Doc Critter Doc
Faralon Faralon 06/18/2019 Beautiful Blue Dreams! Stunning color and very healthy! :D TheGlassBox TheGlassBox
Shrimp Life Shrimp Life 06/14/2019 Super healthy/active shrimp; fast shipping; excellent communication; great packaging. Highly recommended. Epitaph Epitaph
Faralon Faralon 06/12/2019 Received great looking blue dreams and CRS, shipment was packaged very well and all shrimp arrived alive. Great seller and would not hesitate to buy from again. Uchidome Uchidome
Faralon Faralon 06/10/2019 I loved the Blue Dream Cherry Shrimps, they shipped fast and all were alive and well. I appreciate the communication and thanks for throwing in extras! shedhunterid shedhunterid
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