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New tank area and setup. Tank comes tomorrow, 5/5/2014


This is a heavy duty cabinet that will hold the new tank and had plenty of storage underneath the cover there, so that I will have easy

access to whatever I need at the time. The black strip on top if just the Led light that I will be using. The cabinet is 50" long, X 16" Wide,

and is 24" tall. There are two shelves above it to house the air pumps, and lines, with holes drilled to go straight down, and go behind

the Lighthouse strip that you see there. There are waterproof electrical strips that go along the back. Above the cabinet is a window, but

I blocked it with heavy duty insulated material, and then a blind on top of that, and then insulated heavy curtains on top of that, so no light

will be getting through the window. The temp should be fairly consistent, as I have AC in this room in the summer too.

There is a cabinet on wheels besides it, so I can bring water back and forth easily. There is also two photo daylights on both sides, and

white umbrellas, so I will have good lighting for taking photos and videos when I want to. Plus I have everything I need stocked up in

the cabinet.

The tank coming tomorrow is 48" long X 8" wide X 8" tall. It has a 10" middle section that will not house any shrimp or animals, and only

will have the HOB, media, heater, moving water bed filter, peat pellets, bio balls, borneo balls, air stones, UV sterilizers, Aqua Water pump

with water polisher, and other media, plus a etched glass logo for the front of the tank.

There are sections on both sides of the middle area for shrimp. H4N is making me the xmas moss sheets. Each section will have the back

wall a xmas moss, and half of the floor will be xmas moss, and one plant that I like. xmas moss will be the only moss I will use in the tank.

Each section will have a Malaysia drift wood, air stone, shrimp cave, dual sponge filter, fallen oak leaf, small Indian Almond Leaf, and alder cones.

The substrate will be one bottom layer of Fluval Shrimp Stratum, and one top layer of black moon sand, so they

can dig and play. I like the idea of the floating moss ball, and may have to buy some of them.

Each section will have one otto and that will be the only fish allowed in the tank. I am trying to only use Malaysia Trumpet snails only in the tank,

and no other kinds of snails.

There is a individual lid on each section, so I can get into any section I want, although I may have to suspend the led light somehow or I will have

to deal with it each time. The led light is on a timer.

I have three 10 gallon tanks that will serve as backups and emergencies to the main tank. One will have shrimp in it, the other will have tiny tetras,

and ottos in it to keep it cycled, and the other will be planted to grow xmas moss, and the one kind of plant that I like.

There will be the one Biowheel 200 in the middle section and one Biowheel 100's on each end.

So, this is the start of the journal of the new tank, and I will try to keep up with photos, videos, text, etc, as time allows. I appreciate any comments,

questions, advice, help, as I am still very new at this. I am learning as much as I can, as fast as I can, and I am sure I will learn a lot of lessons

along the way, some the hard way, but I will try to avoid those. lol

Thanks for reading!

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