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    So I had bred my BB with another BB in a breeding tank and for the most part I have a lot of BB babies. I also have some that are pinto and crystal red patterns. Can I even get crystal reds from BB? Or would they be Taiwan bees?? I’ve just never seen this type of shrimp in the past.
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    Fathersday sale!

    I’m sorry, I looked back again and see that they are home-bred. How much for 20 delivered to 95624?
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    Because your blue bolt is not a pure blue bolt. It was probably a blue steel. Looks like pinto and tibee
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    Normal shrimp pigment?

    I think this is a less common colour morph. You can find people talking about red spot/red head neocaridina elsewhere online.
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    ROAK, but not "free"

    Okay, I did plug it back in and it was working. If I didn't plug in and water was flowing out the AC70 I would win the Nobel prize ;-)
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    Types of Aquarium worms

    I have kept large leeches by accident that came in driftwood take from canals in an unheated 10 gallon tank. They were interesting in their own right and lived for years eating dead earthworms and a dead fish here and there taken from my pond . They hid if lights were on in the driftwood but came out at night and were active . I never had any young but had the 4 leeches a few yrs , imagine 4 inches long about 1/2 inch wide .
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