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    I'm guessing you are a rep for Fluval, correct? 2 posts and already promoting probably the worst substrate for keeping CRS or any other caridina species for that matter... that is if you care about fry survival rates. Adults will survive and breed but 2-3 weeks after mother releases them, they just mysteriously die in this substrate. This is from my own observations. But don't take my word for it, many others have experienced the same, dating all the way back to 2011. As for other shrimp species, like neocaridinas and amano shrimp, black diamond blasting sand works perfectly fine, no need for an active substrate in these cases. As far as plants are concerned, Fluval Stratum lacks the necessary macro nutrients for many species to flourish (how else could it not produce ammonia and provide plants with necessary nitrates?) It does seem to provide a sufficient amount of micro nutrients to sustain plants for several months but that's about it. You'll still be forced to dose micro nutrients to keep up with plant demands after these few months pass. I'm not really sure where Fluval Stratum fits into the market. There's simply better substrate choices for equal or less the cost of Fluval, and yes, they are pretty much volcanic ash based as well, just harvested from better or "richer" resources apparently. If you are indeed a rep for Fluval, I hope this post gets shared with the right people at the Fluval headquarters. lol
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    I would love to know the answer to this as well. According to preliminary research, this it what bostoneric had to say about it.
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