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  1. Usually things like carbon or purigen should be removed during treatment so they don't neutralize the active ingredients.
  2. I have them 10 for $59.99. They are bred my myself and not imported. https://www.theshrimptank.com/livestock/blue-dream-shrimp-10-pack-with-free-shipping/
  3. Do you have a gravel vacuum? Basically a wide tube attached to a rubber hose that you can use to drain water. Something like a Python water changer (see link below). You can use that to clean out the junk in the substrate and then just stir the substrate up a little if it is the surface of it that has algae on it. You could also just remove the very top of the substrate if you want. The last picture shows some algae on the glass by the substrate, that is normal. You can push the substrate away and clean it off the glass if you want but it will come back over time.'
  4. Why are you replacing the plants and substrate? You can probably manually clean a lot of the algae off those plants or spot treat with 1ml of Hydrogen peroxide per gallon (get a syringe and slowly apply it directly to the algae. It will start bubbling and in a day or so turn purple and die).
  5. vinegar can work sometimes but it isn't a strong acid. I you take the rock out and put some vinagar on it and it bubbles or fizzes then the rock will increase your water hardness over time.
  6. I don't know. You would have to keep an eye on your parameters and see if they are changing. Do you have a TDS pen or Vinagear (or better yet pool acid)?
  7. It looks like you have an airpump already running the sponge filter. You should have some sort of filtration and surface agitation for oxygen exchange but it appears you have both of those with the sponge filter that is in there. Those rocks may mess with your water parameters over time. Otherwise looks like you just need to give it about a month after being set up and then add some shrimp :).
  8. I don't see anything abnormal in the last two pictures (hard to tell in the first 2 when it is out of the water). What coloration are you referring to? The patch of darker yellow behind the head are the eggs that are developing and is called being "saddled". The dark spot between the eyes and saddle is normal, the bright yellow on the back is called a "backline" and is normal as well.
  9. Welcome! What substrate is that? It is so round!
  10. What other kinds of shrimp do you keep in the tank? What could have bred with her?
  11. Nope it is called a blackline. It is pretty common in neos (usually females) and nothing to worry about.
  12. I would use an active substrate. I have Taiwan bees on some brightwell currently (only been a month or so) so I don't know how it works longterm. I also got it as a sample so I don't know if it is as cost effective as other active substrates out there. I have also heard good things about PLATINUM SOIL which Chaz at Elevateshrimp.com sells. I have also used aquasoil (the original) and SL Aqua but those seem harder to find nowadays.
  13. Yes most don't have as much color when they are young. My blue dreams are more colorful at a younger age than my cherries variant as well. Congrats on babies!
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