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  1. Welcome! What substrate is that? It is so round!
  2. What other kinds of shrimp do you keep in the tank? What could have bred with her?
  3. Nope it is called a blackline. It is pretty common in neos (usually females) and nothing to worry about.
  4. I would use an active substrate. I have Taiwan bees on some brightwell currently (only been a month or so) so I don't know how it works longterm. I also got it as a sample so I don't know if it is as cost effective as other active substrates out there. I have also heard good things about PLATINUM SOIL which Chaz at Elevateshrimp.com sells. I have also used aquasoil (the original) and SL Aqua but those seem harder to find nowadays.
  5. Yes most don't have as much color when they are young. My blue dreams are more colorful at a younger age than my cherries variant as well. Congrats on babies!
  6. Pretty accurate. Two things I noted: I think the most common is Cherry Shrimp (high grade cherries are called fire reds). Shrimp primarily feed off biofilm not algae. Algae is a part of biofilm but I wouldn't expect them to keep your tank free of algae.
  7. ya you should be fine then. You probably don't need the air pump at all as long as you are creating surface agitation with the HOB.
  8. Why are you turning on and off an additional air pump? It sounds like your main filter is a HOB (hang on back), is that accurate? If so adding an additional source of air occasionally won't hurt your shrimp.
  9. I have heard of it but don't recall anyone who actually had them. Some fire reds have black patches on them (mine among them). It may be possible to separate them and recreate that variant.
  10. Your welcome. They look like Seiryu Stone (couldn't remember the name last time and couldn't guess close enough for google to know what I was talking about). If that is what they are they definitely impact water parameters. You can also put them in a bucket of water (RO is probably best) and see if they change the parameters.
  11. What are the stones in there? They are likely the issue.
  12. Welcome! You are fine with copper in small amounts, shrimp use copper to carry oxygen like like we use iron so it is required in small doses. I haven't had problems using copper containing ferts or foods. The only time I think it becomes an issue is if you are using copper based medications.
  13. I agree with what Hunter said, you want it to be a loop.
  14. I don't like them in shrimp only tanks. I had to drain and dry my tank to get rid of them. I tried adding ammonia to like 4ppm or more and it didn't seem to phase them.
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