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OblongShrimp's Feedback

  1. LesterBee left Negative feedback for a topic   

    Snowflake "Dust" For Sale
    OK I'm not real pleased with this, this transaction was done with a Money Order, but having done so with past sellers, even on Ebay, the recent lack of communication and the fact that it's been over a month since I've sent the payment for the Snowflake food, is disappointing. I'm wanting to resolve this.

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  2. Undershrimp left Positive feedback   

    Great seller, good communication and super fast shipping. Shrimp and snails love the snowflake food! Thank you Will!

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  3. Shrimp Life left Positive feedback   

    Great Service, very nice Teddy Cholla. Thanks Will!

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  4. Sparrow left Positive feedback   

    Quick shipping and very well packed. No DOA and still thriving! Nice selection of adults and juvies. Beautiful tigers! Thank you!

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  5. oem left Positive feedback   

    Questions I had about products were answered in a timely fashion. The order was sent out the same day ordered and got here quickly. Great service and communication. Thanks!

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  6. sarah left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic customer service, and great products. Thank you!

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  7. Fishprinceofca left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Peter Landen (CSF) upcoming order
    Quick shipping and nice packaging. Highly recommend!

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  8. High5's left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Peter Landen (CSF) upcoming order
    Awesome service and super fast shipping, Shrimp Tank is top notch

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  9. Shrimpo left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Blue Leg Poso Shrimp coming!!
    Great Sulawesi shrimp species, fast shipping.

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  10. JamesHe left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Peter Landen (CSF) upcoming order
    ordered shrimp supplies from will, shipping is super fast. recommended to all.

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

  11. MN Shrimping left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Shrimp -Breeders n Keepers Wild Shrimp - China Edition
    Ordered direct from TheShrimpTank: food & mag. Quick ordering & shipping!

    OblongShrimp was The Seller

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