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  1. I always have plenty of Buce at fair prices on the site and in the fb group
  2. Crappy to hear, i especially dislike people/businesses claiming to sell tank raised shrimp, that they import.. Im glad to hear they changed that.
  3. From my experience the health spray can help with bacterial infections, will it help all kinds of bacterial issues, not from my experience. My yellow neos had a bacterial issue and even after using shrimp nature health spray they were still dying.. In tanks where ive noticed it quickly, the spray, along with shrimp nature brown extra tannins and humic acids like ShrimperNet fulvo and water changes have seemed to help rid the tank of it.
  4. Thanks Ryan, welcome to tiger shrimping
  5. Thanks chris, the shrimp will love the spring roll
  6. Thanks jadenlea - i appreciate you supporting a sponsor of the forum and taking a chance on buying from me. Im glad to hear you are happy with the shrimp.
  7. Glad everything was liked. The 2 baby foods are included in My normal feeding routine too
  8. Thank you for your purchase and supporting a sponsor of the forum. Im glad it all arrived to your liking
  9. Perfect Duff thats what i like to hear, another satisfied customer. Thank you for your continued support, Erik
  10. Im glad everything arrive alive and well liked. I hope to do business with you again, Erik
  11. Please use this area to review any transactions we make, thanks Erik
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