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  1. I always have plenty of Buce at fair prices on the site and in the fb group
  2. I have some, mainly non blues. As they dont breed true
  3. Crs x bkk would give you 100% mischlings ( look like cbs,crs,golden) but carry the genetics to potentially breed out more taiwan bees, especially if crossed back with tb.
  4. In my experience neo babies do seem to explore a little more, but not a huge difference in my opinion. I do believe certain powdered foods especially bacteria powders help exponentially on baby survival rates if not overused. Overuse of any food/bacteria can cause issues. I use vin ecological bacteria almost daily, and my tanks with babies i add a little more. I split 1 scoop between 10-15 tanks when i feed it. I have always used some sort of powder food/bacteria in my tanks but i have noticed even higher baby survival rates since using the vin ecological bacteria for neos, caridinas, and tigers alike.
  5. If i have it its available on the site. Not much available shrimp wise as im letting the colonies repopulate
  6. We are running a special discount through the end of the month. All orders up to 49.99 will receive 10% off the total purchase, orders $100.00 and above will receive 15% off their total. As an added bonus on all orders over $100.00 before discounts i will include a pack of leaves from Shrimp Nature ( my choice) and a buce rhizome on a lava rock. No coupons are needed, the discount will be applied at checkout. Please visit www.buypetshrimp.com and fill up a cart
  7. Thanks for offering to try a bag out! I myself was amazed how far 1 3l bag went. I did my 25g cube at almost an inch of depth with one bag. Please keep us updated with how it all works out.
  8. There are many great sponsors of the forum that sell shrimp, myself included.
  9. start with oebt culls.. see how they do before buying blues
  10. speed sand is to help cycle the tank, im not sure bacter ae does the same thing.
  11. http://buypetshrimp.com/orange-eyed-blue-tigers-blues-only-10/ OTHER QTY AND CULL OR BLUE OPTIONS AVAILABLE ON THE SITE.
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