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  1. Thanks yea I was around for sometime lol. I’ve still kept shrimp just haven’t been on here for awhile Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I remember you it’s been awhile!
  3. Man I hate Facebook groups I left most of them awhile back. Still always kept shrimp but never really got on here much. I got locked out of my account and never got back in for a few years.
  4. I thought that’s what I heard. Damn he had some good neos.
  5. Got back into my old account finally.
  6. https://vimeo.com/196992691 Mine DIY does amazing!
  7. Got to switch to HMF man, I've swapped all my tanks over finally. Very happy with results, posted my build in another thread.
  8. Here is what I used for mine. Used Ebay foam sheets cost 7$ shipped, used PVC for my uplift tube and pieces from my old double sponge filters. Have around 8.50$ per tank. I've had some for 3-4 years and has been fine. Even if it breaks down at this point I'd say I'm good. Swiss tropicals charges 20$+ for a 10g tank plus a minimum of 13$ shipping. I tried to buy 1 small uplift tube to try and shipping was more than the cost of the pipe. I asked about it and they replied saying their margins were too low to not charge high shipping to make up costs. Doesn't seem right to me but that's how they do business. Just sharing the route I went, there's many ways to do these. Highly recommend them just for the surface area of bio filters. Do what works best for you. https://vimeo.com/196992473 Video attached to show how much flow my DIY gets. Works perfect and a ton of water movement.
  9. I'll post some pics here when I finally make it home. Spending a few days in the hospital
  10. Thanks I beleive it's still accurate. My costs are still the same. I don't charge for costs that I assume to be apart of shipping them. Ex gas etc. That's a given and part of my cost which is in the price of the goods. I still use the shipping boxes as they are great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I can't wait! I am definitely going there next year Taylor's Aquatics - Rare Plants & Inverts http://www.taylorsaquatics.com
  12. Prices Taylor's Aquatics - Rare Plants & Inverts http://www.taylorsaquatics.com l
  13. Man these names are getting so watered down these days it's hard to even keep track lol Taylor's Aquatics - Rare Plants & Inverts http://www.taylorsaquatics.com
  14. No worries just stating my opinion on the matter, everyone does something different that works for them. Taylor's Aquatics - Rare Plants & Inverts http://www.taylorsaquatics.com
  15. Need more information, are you asking if there is new ones? Technically there is always new ones as people are constantly working on strains and improving genes. Question is are they new to you? Taylor's Aquatics - Rare Plants & Inverts http://www.taylorsaquatics.com
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