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  1. jem_xxiii left Positive feedback   

    Great Seller and Excellent Plants!

    ctaylor3737 was The Seller

  2. Vpier left Positive feedback for a topic   

    "Upstate Blizzard" Shrimp Food
    Great to deal with. Fast shipping.

    ctaylor3737 was The Seller

  3. Jadenlea left Positive feedback   

    Stands behind his product! Total stand up seller . Love my shrimp. thanks Chris

    ctaylor3737 was The Seller

  4. metageologist left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Snowflake Food 50g bags
    great guy to deal with. food performed as promised. will deffinatly from again

    ctaylor3737 was The Seller

  5. Soothing Shrimp left Positive feedback for a topic   

    RAOK Duckweed
    Great person to deal with!

    ctaylor3737 was The Seller

  6. Shrimpo left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Great deal and fast shipping, Thanks

    ctaylor3737 was The Seller

  7. countryboy12484 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    ive purchased food and shrimp multiple times and have alwasys been very pleased

    ctaylor3737 was The Seller

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