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DETAquarium's Feedback

  1. Wolf92s left Positive feedback for a topic   

    DETAquarium Shrimp for Sale!
    I ordered red bolts, blue bolts, and Red King Kongs. Had a mishap with the postal service and the shrimp came in dead, don't know what happened. There was a cut and no water, temps got into freezing. DETAquarium was very understanding and shipped out the order again. This time they arrived all alive and well. Even got one extra of the Red King Kongs which is what I wanted the most. They all had Great color and where very active. Even got a good sized portion of Java moss. Will order again

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  2. cthomaslee92 left Positive feedback   

    Answered all of my questions I had. Well packaged and all the pinto shrimp were alive and active and their color hadn't fade at all, no deaths. I was very satisfied. Thank you DETAquarium

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  3. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Shrimp arrived well packaged and healthy. Thanks!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  4. neogeo20041 left Positive feedback   

    It was a pleasure to deal with Deta from start to finish. His shrimp looked good in pics and in my tank. Thanks for sending me great shrimp. Will definitely do more bussiness again.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  5. plamski left Positive feedback   

    Great TPT member!Pleasant transaction! Pleasure to deal with!

    DETAquarium was The Buyer

  6. MrShrimpo left Positive feedback for a topic   

    (10) Orange/Red Bolts Taiwan Bee Package!
    WooHoo! Red Bolts.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  7. sincitybet left Positive feedback   

    Beautiful shrimp...Fast shipping and great mix of male and females.Would buy from this seller again.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  8. Tlhn97 left Positive feedback   

    Received my TB shrimps yesterday.Thank you for the great service very happy with these shrimps.They were all healthy and active. Thanks for throwing in an extra shrimp.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  9. Mj29 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Starter Taiwan Bee Packages!
    Got my Taiwan Bee pack yesterday, Beautiful and healthy shrimps. Very satisfied with the shrimps and with DETAquarium. Great communication through out the whole process and gave me advice that I shouldn't need a heat pack. Awesome Breeder, will definitely keep an eye out for great deals.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  10. rambamodam left Positive feedback   

    Shrimp's arrived safe and well packaged! The shrimps I received have beautiful and vibrant colors and no deaths :] I will definitely purchase again! Thanks DETAquarium!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  11. j03yyung left Positive feedback   

    Great shrimp and prices!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  12. Fishprinceofca left Positive feedback   

    Beautiful shrimp, excellent communication, and nice packaging! One of the best sellers around! Thanks, DET!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  13. Shrimple minded left Positive feedback for a topic   

    6x6 Mini Pellia Mat
    Healthy mini-pellia, excellent communication, DETAquarium is awesome but you know this already :)

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  14. evabug1 left Positive feedback   

    Was lucky enough to purchase the 4"x4" mat of mini pellia from Daryl. Great communication throughout, mini pellia was fantastic and healthy, shipping was spot on. I'm very happy!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  15. Uriel RT left Positive feedback   

    Won an auction from DETA 5 Blue bolts 5 Red Wine and they all arrive Healthy and as soon as i put them in the tank they were active and feeding and exploring their new home, Thanks for the Quick Shipping and awesome packing.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  16. francisf left Positive feedback   

    Got a nice package (5 Blue Bolt & 5 Wine Red) from Daryl. Nicely packaged. All survived the heat. Very healthy and nice coloration. Thanks for the extra Blue!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  17. Shrimp Life left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Thank you for trying my Mulberry Leaves. You were easy to work with, and a pleasure. Happy Shrimping!

    DETAquarium was The Buyer

  18. Shrimpie123 left Positive feedback   

    Purchased 10 Blue Bolts and received 11. All arrived healthy and no fatalities since having them a few weeks. They even survived a tank challenge when my son dropped food coloring tablets in my tank. Daryl was there for questions and support through the challenge. I'm loving their color and quality. He is passionate about his shrimp and goes above and beyond to help his buyers.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  19. dr0p left Positive feedback   

    Wonderful Seller! I continue to come back for quality shrimp and shrimp related accessories. Love the BB and WR I just picked up!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  20. Allicat left Positive feedback   

    Very helpful and easy to work with, beautiful shrimp too! They all arrived healthy and have been doing well.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  21. techsmith left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Taiwan Bee Shrimp for Sale!
    Great to deal with, prompt shipping, great packing. Shrimp arrived fine and very healthy. Thanks

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  22. SOTG402 left Positive feedback   

    bought 30 WR received 32 very pleased, good man to work with.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  23. Densha left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Taiwan Bee Shrimp for Sale!
    Purchased 6 TBs and was extremely happy with my purchase! Daryl went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of despite a problem at USPS. Very professional and his shrimp arrived healthy and disease free! Great seller, would highly recommend!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  24. Dahlyvh left Positive feedback   

    I've made several purchases from DETAquarium. Always has top notch shrimp. Great quality, good customer service and fast service. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    DETAquarium was The Seller

  25. NeMox69x left Positive feedback   

    I purchased two red rubies from DET and they arrived very well packed and healthy. Would definety order again from Daryl. Great guy to work with.

    DETAquarium was The Seller

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