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  1. Hello friend, and welcome to TSS! Firstly, I think your aquariums look great. Your use of buce's spread out in lava rocks will really mature into something special over time, and the java fern and MP on opposite ends frames the setup well. You've successfully kept shrimp for some time......I'm betting deep down you have an idea of what went wrong previously as your attention waned. It already looks like you are back on track and I'm sure the colonies will recover. Most importantly, here's to a whole boatload of goals against France tomorrow.
  2. As others have already mentioned, my initial reaction is a reduction in light intensity and/or photoperiod (realizing its a 24/7) and also back way off on the ferts. How long have these tanks been set up? With the diatoms and fuzz it looks like these are newer tanks?
  3. Heya 35, I don't have personal experience with blooms but thought I would pass this along....https://skfaquatics.com/forum/topic/13683-white-bloom/?tab=comments#comment-133244 This keeper tried several options and I believe a UV sterilizer is what ended up working.
  4. Ah, good catch. Stated Tangtai when I meant to say pseudo-tibee.
  5. I think the browning you are referring to is the orange of the TT showing through.
  6. My pinpoint stays constantly in my 40B, and the cord that comes with the probe is really long (probably 10 feet) so I am able to check all of my other rack tanks and any containers as needed. I'm getting long life out of probes (> 1.5 years) and when I test with calibration solution it hits 4 and 7 pretty much on the nose.
  7. Kinda funny, my guess is they are scared of the fish. I bet if they peacefully cohabitate for a while they will get used to the tetras and roam about a bit more. Once the plants fill out everyone should feel more comfortable.
  8. I don't think you are looking at "deterioration of shells", those are common patterns of early generation Tangtais.
  9. Looks like TT x CRS = Tangtai to me. Best cross would be TBs imo.
  10. Interesting, I had not heard of these. Tiny little buggers.......
  11. That looks like a bronze crypt to me, if you are referring to the red plant.
  12. If you are using Controsoil and SS GH+, and not adding any KH, yet still getting KH readings in the 2s, I would reconsider the rocks (barring any other sources).
  13. Hi aotf, Your pH, TDS, KH, and GH are all above "recommended" ranges for cards. The pH swing and the fact the shrimp are imported (and could slow die-off) could also be contributing factors. I haven't tried to acclimate and keep cards in neo water, so I can't give experiences in your ranges. Can I ask what substrate you are using?
  14. Oh wow. All the old forum posts available. Thanks for pointing this out shouu.
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