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  1. Received my plants and shrimp all safe and sound yesterday. Every thing was packed well and communication was easy and fast. have a gneiss day
  2. Well I know it won't be found around me. have a gneiss day
  3. Nice shrimp and welcome. have a gneiss day
  4. Lexan is a type it plastic that you can purchase at most hardware stores. To cut it you will need a razor blade then snap it like you would glass along the score line. have a gneiss day
  5. Ya. I win. Good cap to a lousy two weeks. have a gneiss day
  6. Welcome. To the circus have a gneiss day
  7. Your DNA project sounds interesting, has much been done in this area as it pertains to dwarf shrimp. have a gneiss day
  8. My anubias is also in bloom. I'm always glad when my plants are in bloom. If means my tanks are running well. have a gneiss day
  9. Yes, they molt alot more often when there young.have a gneiss day
  10. I was aware I'd the maroon trillium it grows all over my folks place. But u was unaware of the white varient.have a gneiss day
  11. I have trout lilies and these (no idea what it is all over my woods) have a gneiss day
  12. I caught my Amano shrimp doing this to the RCS. I through the Amano in with some goramies since they were the same size. I thin it's related to a lack of protein in there diet since shrimp are naturally scavengers. have a gneiss day
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