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  1. By stupid, I didn't look into it before adding. Was trying to stabilize my pH, because I thought it was varying too much. After talking with others the small variance really wasn't a problem, but by that point I had already made the mistake.
  2. I made a stupid mistake this morning and used some Seachem Neutral Regulator in my neo tank. How harmful is it to my shrimp and if it is harmful, what is a safe way to remove? Thank you!!
  3. Also TDS is 290 with a meter. The temp was 77, but I unplugged the heater last night. So it is sitting at around 72° for a few hours now.
  4. Correction, pH is 6.9. Used a calibrated pH meter instead of test kit.
  5. KH - 2 (to 3, partial drop went in the first time, so 3 if counted as a full drop) GH - 6 pH - 7.4 Temp - 72°F Ammo, N2, N3 all 0
  6. I don't have much crushed coral, maybe 1/8 of a cup. When I first got started I just had ghost shrimp and a couple of Apple snails. I did minor research and saw they both needed calcium. pH is usually around 7.4 to 7.6 which from what I understand is okay for cherries/rilis. I'll check the parameters when I get home.
  7. Hey, Can anyone tell me what can cause molting problems? I have been feeding stuff that is supposed to help and I have mineral stones and some crushed coral in tank. Never seemed to have a problem before, but I've lost several shrimp over the last week and it looks like molting issues. Not home, so don't have my water parameters handy. Well established tank with several berried mamas and several others with saddles. Have cherry and red Rili shrimp.
  8. Hello- Right now, I have a 10 gallon with two guppies, 3 red fin tetras, and oto and a bunch of different kinds of shrimp some about to give birth. I want to expand to a 20L aquarium and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to do that. I have new substrate (but am not opposed to adding some old into the new tank) and I was going to use my current filter (from 10 gallon) since it filters up to 40 gallons (Aquael AquaThrust Powerhead and internal filter 100 gph Mfg ID: AF0350) Suggestions, tips, anything I should consider? Thank you!
  9. Just sharing my thoughts. I'm totally new to shrimp, so take it for what its worth. This is what I've learned by reading other posts and talking to others. I have a tank with fish and several types of shrimp. I started with fish (2 guppies, 3 red fin tetras and an oto) and have since gotten into shrimp. I redesigned the bottom of my tank and have tons of moss, plants, cholla wood logs and other things for my shrimp babies to hide in. I have my first berried shrimp (3 of them) right now. Other than your filter problem, if you decorate the tank with plenty of places to hide, some of th
  10. So exciting... I feel like I'm waiting for the next episode to air. lol I hope that she is doing well and berried for you.
  11. Hello- I was looking at getting some MK-Breed Silver powder, but I was wondering if it would do the same thing as Bacter AE (GlasGarten). I'm kind of overwhelmed at all of the shrimp conditioners, food, this and that. I only have Cherry, Red Rili, Ghost and 1 Amano shrimp. Thank you!
  12. Hello- I'm starting to setup my new shrimp aquarium and I watched a video that used a dusting of GlasGarten Bacter AE on the bottom of the tank prior to adding substrate. I don't have that, but I do have BENIBACHI Super Bacterium BEE MAX. Can I use that instead of the GlasGarten Bacter AE or are they completely different? Thanks!!
  13. Also, just read the description of the MKBreed and it lists copper, which I thought was bad for shrimp... Contains calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and many other minerals and trace elements.
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