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  1. Hi, I bought some Blue Dreams awhile back and they have been breeding. I know they don't breed true and there's offspring that can range in color but I noticed this one that is very dark brownish red with blue in the center. I also have some very opaque black, dark blue, and what looks like a Bloody Mary. I was wondering if there are any markings or coloring that is considered rare? Thank you in advance for any input.
  2. Thank you! Yes that's the one I'm trying to ID.
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me what type of Amazon Sword this is? I need to sell some. Thank you!!!
  4. Ahhh!!! There was a Tapatalk banner ad covering the envelope and notification icons! Thanks again!
  5. Thank you LOL! How the heck did I miss seeing that??? What a dummy!!
  6. Hi, Stupid question but can someone tell me how to access my PM inbox here? Thank you!
  7. Yes they sure are pretty!! I love them all but really want the real dark Dreams. Found someone on Aquabid that has some that I think I'm going to buy. They look like the last pic so I think I'm going to place an order. Thank you treefisher. If I change my mind or start another tank I'll check back with you on your availably.
  8. Thanks treefisher. Are yours the Dream Blue Velvets or the original Blue Velvets? I'm looking for Dream Blue's.
  9. Looking to purchase approx 10 Dream Blue Velvet shrimp. Hoping to have shipped so they arrive by this Friday or Saturday. Please let me know your price + shipping costs. Pics too please! Thanks!
  10. Hi, I apologize for the delay in my reply. (Family emergency) Do u still have any Blue Dreams? My fishless cycle is complete. Hoping to buy some to have shipped to arrive by the end of this week, Saturday at the latest? Loved the moss btw. Thank you for the extra freebies also! Left you positive feedback!
  11. Thank you for the update and tracking #. I appreciate your concern for the holiday mail delay.
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