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    Just starting a colony of Cherries, some of which are displaying unique patterns I may try to breed out... But thats a bit off.

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  1. Oh or flame moss... decent size I have found a place for yet.
  2. Been a long time since I posted. Hello to all that were here then and hi to the newer members. Anyways my blue legged posa shrimp and cherry tank is doing well. My colony of cherries sprung up like crazy and I went from 8 ish to too many to count and always seem to have one berried. My blue legged posa shrimp o think are finally turning around and am on my second berry. Hopefully I'll get back to a positive number soon. Anyways... it took months, but I am just now starting to get a bit of algea and want to try my hand at a few snails. Not sure on type yet, I have tried nerite and have failed 3 times. But price might be an issue, my current project is taking my fun funds at the time. I could probably trade some cherries (I'm bad at grading I am sorry). Pm or post if you think you could help. -Chris
  3. I just wanted to do an update. It's been a few months since I've talked. I ended up buy 15, sadly only have 6 now. I was having issues with ss 7.5 staying at gh6 even now I try for a rang of 6-8. Repeat... loss issues were all mine not the stock. But since I haven't though of a way to switch to ss 8.5, I have just got into a better habit of check water conditions. I have had 1 set of babies, and now the female (I think the only left) is berried again. Pictures attached of the baby (they are almost black, it's next to a cherry), and the berried mom.
  4. No I haven't got part II yet... though I have it written in my head. Worked ended up send me traveling every other week so my summer has been a bit busy. I keep meaning to write it lol.
  5. Ok. I have my set of notes on them at the office so I will try and dig it up tomorrow when I get it. Keeping them in simular parameters as other sulawesi shrimp is the way to go. Most keep them at 8.5ph, but they are also fine at 7.5; the tank I have set up planning on starting a colony of them is set at 7.5. They supposing breed quite well, much closer to cherries then other Sulawesis but still slightly harder. For hardiness they also fall between cherries and other sulawesi breeds. Sexing I have heard is hard. Temp around 80*, gh 6-8. The breed itself is rare in the states but had some popularity in germany. Information is hard to find and I have been waiting a few months for a US seller. Thankfully Will came though on this for us, they are beautiful and if I haven't said it already my favorite shrimp breed.
  6. Cars and fishing are still my number one hobbies. So far my builds include... 88 feiro gt - just simple mods 96 camaro v6 - barely enough to consider it a build. 67 mustang fastback - was a buddies I help build with him all the way through. I'm not a Ford person but it was gorgeous. Factory five Shelby kit car - fun, loud, fast. 2000 Camaro SS - my dd that went 11.53 naturally aspirated. 111 lsa, 3600 stall converter... it was sexy. Current build is a 2013 wrx running on e85. Next build is a BMW 335xi, and then hopefully a gtr... you know if I ever finish paying off student loans. I'll see if I can get some pics as-well.
  7. I have actually researched these alot since they are my favorite. I don't mean to step on any toes, but feel free to message me any questions. I will be ordering some from you as soon as you think they are settled in enough to sell. Chris
  8. Hey sorry I didn't respond sooner. I was flying back home today. That looks awesome, I also sent you a pm. Chris
  9. https://store.usps.com/store/browse/uspsProductDetailMultiSkuDropDown.jsp?productId=P_LARGE_FRB&categoryId=priority-mail No weight limit.
  10. That sounds awesome. If you could do that, that would be awesome. I think a flat rate box would be the best price but I will have to look if they have a weight limit for them.
  11. Sure, that would be amazing. Where abouts do you live since that could change the process?
  12. Okay. So I have this thing against buying rocks, but I can't find any that look like the ada "dragon stone" or even the knock off ying stone that don't have a crazy price tag. I have also looked for alternatives, and as I am traveling trying to keep and eye out for interesting ying like stones. Anyone have any suggestions for finding a knock off cheap. Or anyone live in an area that they find look alike easily and wouldn't mind grabbing a few and shipping them for me? I would obvously pay for shipping (well I guess as long as it isn't crazy expensive). This problem is actually frustrating me since I like the look of rock only scapes. And I would like to start collecting decorations slowly for my next shrimp friendly scape. I would try the foam cement trick, but I know from my fiberglass work I am not that good at shaping foam. Thank you
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