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  1. I noticed a lot of breeders using Lubao bags in the shrimp tanks. I managed to find the guy who selling them on Facebook and purchased few. I very impressed how fast biofilm growing on them and how my shrimp love them. Is anyone knows how to make them? I opened one and its smell like bacterial supplement. I think its should be some yeast and some bacterial products but would be nice to know exact recipe.
  2. I would take a lager version of the sponge filter like on your picture with 2 sponges and attach it to the intake of your external filter. It will lost for much longer I would recom 2 weeks in your tank before you need to clean it. Shrimps will love it too.
  3. Hi, for neocaridina I would increase ph to about 7 by increasing KH. Or you can do nothing and mix them with crystal reds you have perfect water for them🙂
  4. Hello there. I would do the full water test fist: Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, PH, GH, KH What's your tank size? Filtration? Do you have airstone in the tank? What do you feed to your shrimps and how often? Ph wont kill your shrimps in such numbers, more likely ammonia, nitrites or bacteria. Some substrates can leaching ammonia for more than a month like ada Amazonia so maybe you put your shrimp too soon. For now you can do large water change and stop feeding your shrimps. When you do water change (I would do 70-80%) do it slowly with air tube, it should take
  5. They just less red, I know the colour could be better, he came from mischlings never had WR in the past now have 4 youg adults
  6. Just had a second thought - are those screws on the pump safe for shrimps? Because it's cheap Chinese product they might not be made of SS. To be extra safe I'm going to cover them with thin lair of aquarium silicone.
  7. The link for pump: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-6V-12V-Mini-Micro-Brushless-Submersible-Motor-Water-Pump-200L-H-1-8M-/171513468065?hash=item27eeffd4a1:g:qC0AAOSwR0JUSgdP Almost any charger from mobile phone is 5V and do the job, i'm sure you can find it in your cupboard.
  8. Another trick, you can attach a water pump to the top of the filter and close that air tubing hole and it will be much better water flow. I've made a test and it takes 29 sec to fill 1L bottle with water, my other sponge filter operated by ait pump (150L/h) do it for 45 sec. This pump is only 5V and completely silent (very cheap on eBay), I also found 8mm silicone hose which fit perfect fit into the filter tube. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't have an air bubbles for better gas exchange and it's good to have the second filter operated by air pump or an airstone.
  9. Sounds like a lot of labour involved to keep them healthy. Did you ever try methylene blue? It's prevent fungi growing. I heard some people did that but I never try it myself. Maybe it makes it easier. Next time I will try it if it won't work I'll do your method then
  10. It looks like she has an egg stuck at her back...
  11. My best picture so far, Canon d70 is a great camera!
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